Special Needs Education

Groupe d’Accompagnement et d’Intégration (GAIN)

(Student Support and Integration Group GAIN)

At IFS we believe, whatever the difficulties, differences or disabilities, all students are entitled to personalised support. And so we strive to improve the schooling of students with special educational needs.

IFS is one of the few institutions overseas that has a structure dedicated to students with special educational needs.

Our aim is to prevent and reduce social and learning difficulties that students may face, by providing specific information and guidance to teachers and parents. Students with disabilities and/or specific learning needs can benefit from the specific support schemes IFS offers.

IFS provides, within the school itself, specialised teacher aids for students with academic and / or personal difficulties, while keeping them in regular classes.

These trained professionals provide a space for talking and listening. Conducting individual and confidential meetings with the students and/or parents from Kindergarten to Terminale (Grade 12). The school psychologists assess the needs and demands of students. They not only intervene when the issue concerns academic studies but also when it is about individual personal matters.

Specialist teachers work in groups of 3 to 6, with students who show learning difficulties. Unlike support activities, the specialised educators help to set cognitive strategies for the students and to support them in the acquisition of skills necessary to perform in school.

Our Learning Support Specialists work one-on-one with children having difficulties adapting to the school environment or having difficulties becoming active engaged learners and with gifted children. To achieve this, teachers use games, drawing, psychomotor skills as mediums to restore or create the desire to learn.

For pupils with special educational needs, for which inclusive schooling paths need to be set up, there are different educational facilities defined by the Education Code: PAI (individualised welcome project), PPRE (Personalised Educational Success Program), PAP (personalised support plan) and PPS (personalised project of schooling).

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