Our Purpose

At IFS we are committed to making sure every student not only feels at home in a multicultural environment but are given the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential. Our vision and mission are shaped by our belief that students excel when they are enjoying themselves, as well as when they are helping and learning from each other. At IFS we provide…

  • A multilingual education in a multicultural international environment
  • A bilingual teaching and learning experience
  • Competitive tuition fees
  • Access to the best schools and universities in the world after graduation
  • A developmental continuum of education from kindergarten to baccalauréat
  • Comprehensive ECA, arts, culture & sports programmes
  • Proven teaching & learning practices
  • Experienced, dynamic and committed teachers
  • Trouble-free transferability to 566 schools across 138 countries
  • Historical roots in Singapore

10 reasons parents choose IFS

We have a lively international environment, represented by 80 nationalities.

We create an environment that nurtures cognitive skills through bilingual teaching.

We offer a high-standard international education at a competitive price.

We deliver the academic results needed to place our students in the best schools and universities in the world.

We offer a fully certified French curriculum that remains consistent from Kindergarten through High School.

We organise activities and programmes to cultivate students’ passions in arts, culture, sports, career and travel.

We encourage independent learning and analytical thinking through the use of digital tools and proven teaching methods.

We have experienced and passionate teachers committed to helping students reach their full potential.

We follow the same single curriculum as 566 schools in 138 countries, making it trouble-free for students to transfer.

We are proud to have been teaching children from all around the world for over 50 years.