The International French School (Singapore) is a Singapore registered private non-profit organisation, linked by an institutional agreement (établissement conventionné) with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

At IFS we see it as essential that the four components of the school community, students, teachers, parents and corporate partners are actively involved in the management of the school. As such IFS is governed by two community-driven bodies. The Executive Committee and the Educational Committee.

Our parent community are encouraged to volunteer and participate in the governance of the school by being elected onto the Executive Committee as a parent representative or a corporate representative, (Options de Fondateur, ODF). Or by being elected onto the Educational Committee as a representative of the IFS parent community.

Headed by the President, the Executive Committee oversees the management and long term strategy of the school excluding pedagogical matters which do not have any financial impact. The Executive Committee represents the IFS community of parents as well as the companies that hold Options de Fondateur (ODF) status.

All committee members are elected volunteers. Six parent applicants and 2 reserve members are elected for a four-year term, renewable for one additional term. Elections take place at the Ordinary General Meeting in October/November.

Honourary positions are held on the committee by the serving French Ambassador (Honorary President) and the outgoing President of the Executive Committee. The serving Counsellor for Culture, Science and Education (COCAC), is a member by right but has no voting rights.

Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee are: Audit & Compliance, Communication & Marketing, Finance, Corporate & Fundraising, Governance, Human Resources and Infrastructures.

The Educational Committee is the main body responsible for running educational and pedagogical affairs of the school. Chaired by the Principal, representatives of the teaching faculty, non-teaching staff, parent, student community and the Embassy’s Counsellor for Culture, Education and Science comprise the group.

This committee is responsible for school projects, school rules, the timetable, the academic calendar, and a programme of training and professional development for staff. It provides guidance on the recruitment needs of IFS, school trips and the organisational structure of the school as a whole.

These two boards are internal bodies of the School and are governed by local legislation.

Academic Board

  • Principal, Mr Christian Soulard
  • Vice Principals, Mr Grégory Bailleul & Mr Bruno Ollivier
  • Heads of Primary, Ms Agathe Blandin, Mr Jérôme Bel & Ms Karine Kentaoui

Examination Board

  • Principal, Mr Christian Soulard
  • Vice Principals, Mr Grégory Bailleul & Mr Bruno Ollivier
  • Counsellor for Culture, Science and Education, Mr Anthony Chaumuzeau