Our Governance

Message from President of the Executive Committee


Board (02) Deromedi Jean MarcOn behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the International French School (Singapore) (IFS).

It has been my great honour to occupy this position as President of the Executive Committee. Over the past two years, the Committee has been instrumental in driving the school’s transformation into a new and exciting future. I am incredibly proud to be given the opportunity to continue these and other notable developments within the school. Together with the administrative and educational teams, we, the Executive Committee, pilot the school’s operations and prepare for the future success of our students.

IFS aims to be a school of excellence driven by five overarching goals. 

  • To be a successful school embedded within the structure of the French curriculum. 
  • A school that embraces a diversity of student nationalities. 
  • A school that offers a truly bilingual education. 
  • A school that is affordable and accessible to a wide range of families based in Singapore, 
  • and finally to be a school known for its inclusivity.

IFS is a non-profit organisation whose financial strength and solid governance structure has been demonstrated year after year. My commitment as President of the Executive Committee, together with my fellow elected volunteer members and colleagues, is to ensure sound management and development of our school while having at heart the interests of each student and family. 

As we look ahead to the 2021-2022 academic year, I reflect on the entire school community’s resilience and resourcefulness in the face of a very challenging 2020 and 2021. The past two years have been marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the school has reacted and adapted as the situation dictated.

Despite these challenges, IFS successfully rebranded as part of a broader strategy to provide an affordable, premium, international, bilingual education in Singapore that welcomes both French and non-French Families. 

Looking to the future, once we have finally emerged from the current global pandemic, IFS will be well placed to position French education as a viable option and leader in international education. I am very proud of the work the school, corporate partners, parent community, and students accomplished to futureproof the school.

Be assured you can count on our continued dedication and diligence to serve the interests of students, staff and parents as we go forward into the coming academic year. Working as a team in a positive environment where everything is done to encourage commitment and well-being, the Executive Committee will strive to provide the school with all means necessary, tools and infrastructure to achieve continued success and excellence.

Jean-Marc Deromedi
President, Executive Committee


The Executive Committee

Headed by the President, the Executive Committee oversees the management and long term strategy of the school excluding pedagogical matters which do not have any financial impact. The Executive Committee represents the IFS community of parents as well as the companies that hold Options de Fondateur (ODF) status.

All committee members are elected volunteers. Six parent applicants and 2 reserve members are elected for a four-year term, renewable for one additional term. Elections take place at the Ordinary General Meeting in November/December.

The Executive Committee is made up of 12 elected members and 4 reserve members from each group: Individual members and Corporate members.

IFS Board Corporate Members

IFS Board Individual Members


Please note :

  • The French Ambassador in Singapore and Pierre Chanteclair are honorary Presidents of the Executive Committee
  • The Counsellor for Culture, Science and Education (COCAC) is a non-voting member
  • The Principal and the Executive Director may attend the Executive Committee meetings as non-voting guests.


Who appoints the members of the Executive Committee?

The members are elected by the General Meeting held each year in October or November.

How to become a member of the Executive Committee?
  1. Reply to the call for candidature which is sent by the International French School (Singapore) before the autumn General Meeting. The number of available seats varies every year.
  2. Attach a picture and profession of faith to your candidature, which will be sent to all the parents and the corporate representatives.

➔ Your application will be put to the vote at the General Meeting.

The sub-committees of the Executive Committee

 Governance and Operations Sub-committee

Head: Sabine d’Angély-Lavail

Members: Nicolas Genes, Virginie Barre, Amélie Rozier Provost

Ex officio members: President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Principal, Executive Director

 Tools & Services Sub-committee

Head: Sofia Hammoucha

Members: Guillaume Sachet, Virginie Barre, Frédéric Larvor, Nicolas Richard, Nicolas Genes, Pierre Chanteclair, Amélie Rozier Provost

Ex officio members: President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Principal, Executive Director

 IFS Community Experience Sub-committee

Head: Pierre-Alexandre Tupinon

Members: Frédéric Larvor, Virginie Barre, Amélie Rozier Provost, Nicolas Richard, Florian Dubois

Ex officio members: President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Principal, Executive Director

 Support – Finance – HR – Investment Services Sub-committee

Head: Eric Reinhart

Members: Florian Dubois, Sofia Hammoucha, Florian Dubois, Virginie Barre, Pierre Chanteclair, Amélie Rozier Provost, Nicolas Richard

Ex officio members: President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Principal, Executive Director

The International French School (Singapore) is a Singapore registered private non-profit organisation, linked by an institutional agreement (établissement conventionné) with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

At IFS we see it as essential that the four components of the school community, students, teachers, parents and corporate partners are actively involved in the management of the school. As such IFS is governed by two community-driven bodies. The Executive Committee and the Educational Committee.

Our parent community are encouraged to volunteer and participate in the governance of the school by being elected onto the Executive Committee as a parent representative or a corporate representative, (Options de Fondateur, ODF). Or by being elected onto the Educational Committee as a representative of the IFS parent community.

The Educational Committee is the main body responsible for running educational and pedagogical affairs of the school. Chaired by the Principal, representatives of the teaching faculty, non-teaching staff, parent, student community and the Embassy’s Counsellor for Culture, Education and Science comprise the group.

This committee is responsible for school projects, school rules, the timetable, the academic calendar, and a programme of training and professional development for staff. It provides guidance on the recruitment needs of IFS, school trips and the organisational structure of the school as a whole.

To learn more about the Education Committee, click here.

These two boards are internal bodies of the School and are governed by local legislation.

Academic Board

  • Principal, Mr Hervé Lebarque
  • Vice Principals, Mr Grégory Bailleul & Mr Bruno Ollivier
  • Heads of Primary, Ms Agathe Blandin and Mr Jérôme Bel

Examination Board

  • Principal, Mr Hervé Lebarque
  • Vice Principals, Mr Grégory Bailleul & Mr Bruno Ollivier
  • Counsellor for Culture, Science and Education, Mr Anthony Chaumuzeau