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100% Bac success, 43% distinctions
Très Bien, 70% A-A* IGCSE results.


Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard,
London School of Economics,
Université Paris Sorbonne,
SciencesPo, McGill…

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Opportunities for diverse experiences volunteering, internships, international adventures, cultural exchanges, community outreach and much much more…

Lycée (Grade 10 to 12)

Seconde, Première, Terminale (ages 15 to 18)

Preparing students for academic success, higher education and life beyond school

The IFS Lycée, (High School, grade 10 to 12) aims to prepare all students to achieve their academic ambitions in their chosen paths of interest. We prepare international students in Singapore for higher education worldwide and life after graduation.

IFS is the only school in Singapore to offer the French Baccalaureate (Bac) and the French Baccalaureate International Option (IOB). We are incredibly proud of our 100% pass rate for both the Bac and IOB. A testament to the hard work of our students and the dedication and passion of our internationally experienced teachers. Over 75% of IFS students achieve their BAC and IOB with distinction, making IFS in Singapore one of the top French international schools in Asia and the World.

It is therefore little wonder that universities not only in France but in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Switzerland and all around the world look admiringly and favourably on IFS graduates.

IFS students learn and develop in a culturally vibrant, dynamic environment. Not only are there diverse nationalities among the student body, IFS teachers’ are citizens of equally as many different countries. With small class size ideal for in-depth discussion and team projects and a low teacher to student ratio, an IFS education does not stop at the classroom door. Our students embark on trips and excursions around the world to learn through first-hand experience.

This unique French High School education offers students a breadth of knowledge across multiple subjects and the opportunity to choose an emphasis in Première (grade 11) and Terminale (grade 12). The French curriculum provides each student with the research and analytical tools needed to enter University prepared to “hit the ground running.” IFS Lycée engages students in rigorous reasoning and argumentation exercises designed to turn each student into quality thinkers.

This holistic approach, coupled with the rigour and structure of the French National curriculum offers an education of excellence that translates into high pass rates for examinations and bright futures in further education and beyond.


Bac success


Distinctions Très Bien


A-A* IGCSE results


with placements in top Universities Worldwide

The French curriculum at IFS is a rigorous, structured curriculum offering a wide range of subjects that have been certified by the French Ministry of Education. 

The IFS Seconde, (grade 10) aims at providing students with the widest possible array of options for their future secondary and higher education careers. Students gain substantial depth and breadth of knowledge while benefiting from an introduction to new study areas, namely in literature, economics and sciences. The French curriculum thus empowers IFS students to discover their ambitions, abilities and preferences before deciding on which track to pursue in Première (grade 11). 

In the IFS Seconde, students are taught a set of general classes, (up to 35 hours a week) in French, History and Geography, two modern languages (the second modern language is compulsory for all pupils), Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Earth and Life Sciences, Physical education and sports, and Moral and civic education. These classes work to prepare the students for their final two years of Lycée (secondary school), as well as ensuring the transmission of the values and skills of the Common Core of Knowledge, Skills, and Culture.

Following Seconde, and based upon their desires, plans and skills, students start a two-year preparation for the general baccalauréat exams and for higher education. The Bac and IOB two year preparation in Premiere (grade 11) and Terminale (grade 12) enables students to broadly personalise your education based on interests and abilities.

All students study a set of Common Core subjects in: 

  • French and Philosophy (French in grade 11 and Philosophy in grade 12) 
  • History and Geography
  • Moral and Civic Education
  • a mandatory foreign language (A) (English) 
  • and a mandatory foreign language (B) (Spanish, German or Mandarin) 
  • Physical Education
  • Sciences

Students in Première, (grade 11) then choose 3 additional specialised academically driven subjects. Available options to IFS students are: 

  • History Geography, Geopolitics and Political Sciences
  • Humanities, Literature and Philosophy
  • Languages, Literature and foreign Culture (English, excluding students opting for OIB) 
  • Mathematics
  • Digital and Computer Science
  • Physics Chemistry
  • Life Sciences (Biology and Earth Science) 
  • Social Science (Economics) 

At the end of the second term of Première (grade 11), students will have to choose two specialties that they will pursue in Terminale (grade 12). The remaining speciality will be evaluated in the third term of Première (grade 11).

Students in Terminale can also opt to take on an additional elective subject. These are advanced academic instruction in Classic Languages and Culture (Latin), Calculus (advanced mathematics), additional Mathematics, Law and Issues of the Contemporary World. 

At the end of the last year in Lycée, IFS students sit for the baccalauréat exams. When they pass, students receive their first higher education diploma, which entitles the holder to enter the first year of university.

Individualised Bac and University counselling, beginning in Seconde (grade 10), successfully prepares students for higher education worldwide. The IFS guidance team expertly advises students and parents with respect to academic and extracurricular choices, and the eventual university application process.

At IFS language immersion is more than learning another language. Multilingualism continues into the Lycée building on the foundations and acquisitions achieved in Élémentaire, (grade 1 to 5) and College, (grade 6 to 9). IFS uses languages as a lens to help students understand other cultures, think with a global perspective, and navigate the broader world around them.

In addition to the requirements of the Common Core of subjects, IFS offers bilingual students opportunities and streams to thrive and be successful in a multilingual learning environment.

In Lycée (grade 10 to 12) students can opt for three streams with varying degrees of additional English immersion. The Classic Stream, as part of their Common Core of subjects have 3 hours of English instruction a week. 

The SELO Section offers :

  • for the European Section, an additional hour-and-a-half, (4 hours 30min total a week) of English instruction in their Second Language classes and one additional subject, physics or history and geography.
  • for the Oriental Section, 3 hours of Mandarin language and culture (LVB) per week and an hour and a half of DNL (History-Geography) on the Chinese world.

Bilingual students opting for the IFS International section can have up to 9 hours of English instruction. Subjects taught in English include Language, Literature, History and Geography. The International section prepares students for the French Baccalaureate International Option (IOB) where they are examined in English Literature, History and Geography.

The French Baccalauréat (Bac) is the diploma that marks the completion of the French Lycée (High School) program and follows the curriculum guidelines established by the French Ministry of Education. The diploma is obtained at the end of Terminale (grade 12), after externally assessed examinations are taken, and is the essential credential for entry into any university worldwide. 

Baccalauréat exams are taken over a two-year period. The French Bac is widely recognised around the world and some universities may request for a mention, (award with a level of distinction). English-speaking universities, value the French Bac as it is often considered difficult to obtain. It is recognised as being a comprehensive rigorous program which guarantees in-depth knowledge.

The Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) is for students in Terminale (grade 12) who have opted for the International Section of Lycée and emphasizes their French-English bilingualism. The OIB program is a rigorous programme and series of exams in which English Language and Literature, History, and Geography are taught and examined in English by English-speaking teachers.

From the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, the International Baccalaureate Option (OIB) evolves and becomes the French International Baccalaureate (BFI).

Students in Première (grade 11) of the general stream who pursue this programme prepare during their final two years of school. This new international option is assessed from the 2024 exam session of the baccalaureate.

For more information about Assessment in IFS, click here


IFS is very dynamic, with frequent events and field trips. There are lots of cultural activities. The teachers are motivated and motivating.

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