1 adult educator to 9 students


full-time, qualified, education
assistants in every class


Classic Stream and Anglais+

Maternelle (Kindergarten)

TPS, PS, MS, GS (ages 2 to 5)

Building a foundation for learning, development and academic success

The IFS Maternelle, (N1 to K2) provides a warm, safe, nurturing, multilingual environment for children aged 2 to 5.

Attended by our highly experienced teaching faculty and operating with a low teacher to student ratio (1 to 15) and adult/student ratio (1 to 9 including ASEM), IFS Maternelle fosters and stimulates student’s sensory, motor, cognitive and social development. Awakening students’ personalities. Maternelle is the first step in students’ mastery of basic skills – reading, writing, counting and respecting others.

The small class sizes permit teachers to dedicate more time to every child, providing better instruction tailored to the IFS student’s individual needs and ensuring higher performance.

Additional help and support is offered by our full-time, qualified, education assistants in every class. IFS Maternelle also respects the natural sleeping cycles that are vital for early years learners. Providing them with ample time for rest and recuperation so that they are ready to learn.

The IFS Maternelle also provides a dedicated bilingual (French – English) library and teacher-librarian. Students have access to world-class sports facilities including a 25m swimming pool and motor skills facilities to aid physical development.

Supervised by a team of full-time nurses, IFS Maternelle is an engaging, developmentally appropriate and safe learning environment which supports student’s natural curiosity and instils a love of learning for future academic success.

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Ifs Kindergarten

At IFS we have created an educational environment with a rich and balanced curriculum, adapted to the development and progress of each child. The French curriculum’s flexibility is ideal for supporting the holistic development of our students, all the while setting ambitious learning goals.

Their time at school offers varied and enriching learning opportunities including school excursions in connection with class projects, (museums, theatres, gardens, etc.). Contextualised within the multicultural Singapore landscape, learning experience for IFS students are boundless.

At IFS Maternelle we have centred our curriculum around five key areas of learning. Languages, physical activity, artistic endeavours, mathematics and science. An IFS Maternelle education encourages students to explore the world of language acquisition, express themselves through a wide range of mediums both physical and artistic, build the skills and tools for thinking and foster a love of exploration.

Problem-solving and critical thinking activities are centred around a play-based structured learning approach suited to the age and ability of the student. A positive assessment method in which the child is involved at every stage helps to identify successes and areas of improvement.

Great care is taken to integrate technology into teaching and learning practices through the use of Interactive whiteboards, tablets, computers, etc. Technology is seen as a tool to enhance and support learning. Students will learn how to manage their time with technology, teaching them good technology practices and responsible usage.

At IFS our uniquely multilingual education starts in Maternelle. A multilingual education puts our students at a huge advantage compared with their no-bilingual peers. 

IFS Maternelle offers three languages for students to explore. French, English and Mandarin all embedded within the highly recognised internationally accredited French curriculum. 

For those students new to the French language IFS offers additional support and attention, starting in Grande Section (age 5) through its FLSco – Français Langue de Scolarisation (French Language Schooling) programme. These French language lessons are conducted in small groups with a dedicated qualified teacher.

For students opting for the Classic Stream, the curriculum is taught in French and in English with a strong emphasis on French language acquisition. The IFS Maternelle Classic Stream is best suited for children who aim to become equally comfortable in both French and English. Shared between two teachers, individual topics are taught in both languages. These students get up to 8 hours of lesson time in English and an additional hour in Mandarin. 

For children that are already well on the way to becoming fluent in both French and English, IFS offers the Maternelle Anglais+ stream in grades Moyenne Section (K1) and Grand Section (K2). This stream is taught both in French and in English on a parity basis with 1 hour of Mandarin. The curriculum is shared between two teachers with topics taught in both languages. One day in French and the following day in English. In addition, several times a week, bilingual learning sessions are conducted by both teachers at the same time in the class.

Since September 2017, IFS has welcomed children into the Toute Petite Section (TPS) for children aged 2 years old that are toilet-trained. 

The goal of this section is to promote the acquisition of language for small children. To encourage their social, emotional and motor development and foster autonomy and creativity in a play-based educational environment.

The school day starts at 8:35 am and ends at 11:45 am.

Centred around the natural rhythms of early childhood the TPS classes take advantage of the proximity of the Petite Section (PS) classes and enjoy dual-level classes, providing greater interaction and space to develop social skills while getting an immersive education both in French and in English.


We see IFS’ distinctive multilingual curriculum, that places a heavy emphasis on language acquisition, as the most conducive environment to foster our daughter.

Grand Section