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Fr Slide 1Virtually all International French School (Singapore) graduates enrol in colleges and universities around the world. Our experienced team of university advisors support and guide students as they select their areas of study and navigate university admissions processes across many destinations.

The IFS University Guidance Team provides information, support and guidance to students so that they are able to make informed decisions about their future academic or career choices. This experienced multinational team has a student-centred approach, encouraging students to follow their passions and seek out the best options for their particular interests.

Bespoke one-to-one guidance with a dedicated counsellor helps IFS students decide which course and higher education establishment best fit them. The French Baccalaureate provides a pathway that enables students to make international applications. The Bac is recognised and highly regarded by all universities around the world. As such, our University Guidance Team has built excellent relationships with many of the world’s best universities, so we can support our students with applications for any university they wish to apply to.

The University Guidance Team also regularly hosts a global range of university representatives throughout the year. We are enabling our students to question and learn more about the universities, university life and the choices available to them directly from university representatives.

For students looking to enter universities in France, the pedagogical team offers specific preparation classes for several entrance exams; Sciences Po, Sésame (business school), Geipi, Puissance Alpha (engineering), etc. 

This series of workshop sessions include preparation for specific oral examinations, entrance exam preparation and admission interview preparation.

This professional and meticulous coaching and support by the guidance team ensures that many of our students secure places, at their preferred universities, on the first application, including scholarships. IFS students regularly fill spots worldwide in Technology, Literature, Scientific, Business, Engineering, Political Science, Medicine, Arts, Architecture and many more. 

Although most of our students go on to higher education, if this is not for them or if they wish to take a Gap Year, we have a vast amount of information and many resources to help them plan their next steps.  

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I owe a lot to the management of IFS and to my teachers who supported me throughout my 12 years there. I remember a team that was present, that listened to me and did everything possible to get me to the Bac.

IFS Alumni Class of 2015