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Two students, two high schools, two countries: one experience

At IFS we offer our students some incredible learning opportunities unique to the French schooling system. One such opportunity is the ADN – AEFE Exchange Programme.

The ADN-AEFE scheme facilitates IFS students in Seconde (grade 10) to immerse themselves for several weeks in a new family environment, school, cultural and linguistic space.

This programme enables our students to seize a chance to enrich their educational background while benefiting from continuity in learning in another school, in another country within the AEFE network.

In the spirit of Alexandra David-Néel

ADN is so named in honour of the pioneering female explorer Alexandra David-Néel (1868 – 1969). First female explorer of Tibet in the early 20th century, Alexandra David-Néel was a force and an inspiration for generations. An anarchist, singer, feminist, explorer, writer, lecturer, photographer, Buddhist, architect, Sanskrit grammarian and Centenarian, her explorer’s life and strong personality perfectly embodies the spirit of the ADN-AEFE programme.

Connecting with the World

The ADN-AEFE exchange programme is supported by the AGORA World global social network.

AGORA World is the French school network social network for high school students and alumni. This platform allows students to get in touch with high school students and young alumni of French High Schools around the World. Through the platform and the network, students can discuss their post-bac further education projects and the school exchange programme.