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A school is much more than just its classrooms. It also includes important services like catering and school transportation. These services are vital for our daily routines. Led by a dedicated team and strict procedures, we really care about the well-being, health, and safety of our students and staff on campus.


SchoolOpening of doors
Monday to Thursday8:35 am to 3:25 pm8:25 am and 3:20 pm
Friday8:35 am to 12:15 pm8:25 am and 12:10 pm
SchoolOpening of doors
Monday to Thursday8:35 am to 3:25 pm8:25 am and 3:25 pm
Friday8:35 am to 12:15 pm8:25 am and 12:10 pm
Middle School students: 6e & 5e7:50 am to 4:05 pm
Middle School students: 4e & 3e7:50 am to 5:05 pm
High School students7:50 am to 5:05 pm


At IFS, we provide a comprehensive catering service on both of our campuses, with each school having its dedicated dining area. Secondary school students also have access to additional outlets for purchasing snacks, sandwiches, etc., during break times at an extra cost. Moreover, our Al Fresco café is open to parents, offering a pleasant space for them to spend time when picking up their children.

Our partner Chartwells, a member of the Compass Group, a global leader in collective catering, serves over 2,500 meals daily to our students and staff. Their team of chefs and dietitians collaborates closely with the school administration, health services, and the Parents Commission to develop diverse and balanced menus.

ALLERGIES: Peanuts and tree nuts are not utilized in products and dishes served by Chartwells in the premises of the IFS. However, some products and dishes may contain traces of peanuts/tree nuts.

To find out more information about our catering partner, Chartwells and our students’ monthly menus, click here.

LUNCHBOX: As an alternative to the canteen, we provide our students with the option to bring a lunchbox from home.


IFS offers families the option to utilise a school bus service for all age groups except Toute Petite Section (TPS) students. Based on detailed selection criteria as set by IFS management, Board and Parent Committee, IFS has selected Woodlands Transport Solutions Pte Ltd (WT) as transportation provider for the current academic year. Woodlands Transport Solutions PTE LTD is a premier school bus transportation service provider in Singapore accessing all areas of Singapore.

WT’s fleet of modern buses are fully air-conditioned, and all seats are fitted with 3-point seat belts to ensure our student’s safety during travel to and from school. Buses are inspected yearly to comply with Singapore’s stringent safety standards. All bus users are fully insured.

WT has a team of professional, experienced and safe Bus Captains and Bus Mothers who look after the students travelling under their care. These professionals supervise overall bus discipline, ensuring IFS students have a safe and comfortable ride. Bus attendants are positioned on ALL buses, (except for the shuttle service at 5:15 pm).

IFS families who wish to use WT school transport services have to register directly with them each year. Seat allocation may take up to 2 weeks to process. WT will notify families once seats have been allocated. Seat allocation is based on a first-come, first-serve basis regardless of one or two-way transfer.

IFS students will be collected and dropped off at their homes at a pre-advised time window each day. As a general rule, for private condominiums, all pick-up and drop-off points are at the guardhouse or gate barrier. WT buses are not able to provide door-to-door services to all condos due to space constraints in certain areas. For private houses, as a general rule, all buses pick-up and drop-off at the gate of the house. WT will advise each family of their pick-up and drop-off points.

For more information about our transport services as provided by Woodlands Transport Solutions PTE LTD, please contact the transport office by email [email protected] or give us a call on tel: +65 6805 0053.

KindergartenElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh School
School start8:35 AM8:35 AM7:50 AM7:50 AM
Bus pick-upAs of 7:30 AM*As of 7:30 AM*As of 7:00 AM**As of 7:00 AM**
Arrival at schoolBetween 8:05 and 8:30 AMBetween 8:05 and 8:30 AMBetween 7:30 and 7:45 AMBetween 7:30 and 7:45 AM
* Note: 7:20 am for Sentosa pick-up – 7:35 am for trips less than 4 km – more than 16 km, case-by-case basis
** Note: 6:50 am for Sentosa pick-up – 7:05 am for trips less than 4 km – more than 16 km, case-by-case basis
KindergartenElementaryMiddle School (6ème and 5ème and some 4ème and 3ème)Middle School (some 4ème and 3ème) and High School
School ends3:25pm / 12:15pm (Friday)3:25pm / 12:15pm (Friday)4:05 PM5:05 PM
Bus leavesAs of 3:35pm / 12:25pm (Friday)As of 3:35pm / 12:25pm (Friday)As of 4:15 PMAs of 5:15 PM (shuttle service)


At IFS, a uniform is mandatory for students in Maternelle (Kindergarten) and Elementaire (Elementary). Exclusive sports t-shirts made with anti-UV fabric for physical education (PE) and field trips is obligatory for Collège (Middle School) and Lycée (High School)

Uniforms are available for purchase from

  • Château de sable – Château de Sable is a French-designed clothing brand for children aged one month to 14 years old. Founded in 2002, the brand was envisioned by French designer Stéphanie Lemaire, who aimed to promote French elegance and quality in Singapore and the region.
  • Beau Voix – Established in 2001, Beau Voix Uniform is an experienced textile supplier and has been designing and providing uniforms to childcare groups, local and international schools for 20 years.
Maternelle (Kindergarten)

Students must wear the uniform every school day.

useful information uniforms
Élémentaire (Elementary)

Students must wear the uniform every school day, except on sports days.

Collège (Middle School) and Lycée (High School)

During school trips, students must wear the IFS polo.
The polo can be matched to the preference of the student as long as it respects the school’s rules and common decency.

For more information on where and how to purchase uniforms, please visit the Uniform section of the Parent Portal (access restricted to IFS Parents).


At IFS we take the health, safety and security of our students very seriously. It is at the centre of all of our planning and a fundamental part of our philosophy of education. Guided by our comprehensive Health and Safety Policy, we are committed to ensuring that the management of health and safety is embedded in the way we manage our day-to-day operations. IFS has an internal Health, Safety & Security Department whose aim is to guarantee the overall security and wellbeing of all IFS students and staff.


Parents entrust their children to us with a lot of faith. As such the general health of our students is taken very seriously at IFS and we have in place several processes and procedures including a Haze protocol to ensure our students have a safe, welcoming environment to learn and play. In addition, a completed health form must be submitted during the admissions process, and the school must be notified of any changes in the students’ health by parents.

The school has several fully equipped infirmaries, staffed by nurses. In the event of a change of health condition of a child, parents are informed by the nurse’s office, so that the student can be quickly collected from the school.

INTERNATIONAL SOS is a partner of IFS in Singapore and ensures the safety and health of our students during trips, excursions and any unforeseen exceptional circumstances.


We are committed to our students’ safety and security. IFS takes all the necessary measures to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone including a Haze protocol. Risk assessments are made daily with the implementation of preventive or corrective actions enforced. The Health, Safety & Security Department carry out regular and periodic control of air quality, water quality of the facilities and the equipment. We apply strict guidelines for fire management, confinement and lockdown management and conduct four to five drills per year several being unannounced. The school also has installed a lightning alert system to manage our student’s outdoor safety.


The school has in place strict security procedures as prescribed by the French and Singaporean authorities to control access. Staff and students are issued with “IFS Identity Cards” which have to be worn at all times while on campus. Visitors have to sign in at the main security gate and are issued a visitor’s badge after ensuring their identity and purpose to enter. Any person without a proper ID is escorted back to the Reception.

At IFS, we are committed to student safety and security, and as such, we have a high number of security officers permanently onsite 365 days a year.