International French School (Singapore) Extension Project


Over the past ten years, the popularity of an International Bilingual French education as provided by IFS has grown. In response to this growth, IFS needed to expand the school’s infrastructure to accommodate the influx of a larger intake of students. The new development includes the extension of Elementary school and a new Kindergarten within the same campus.

The new IFS Kindergarten is a building built for children. Based fundamentally on the principle of giving children greater autonomy and freedom. A new open-plan layout is designed to encourage greater collaboration, creativity and stimulus for learning. At the same time, the new facility maintains the high safety standards IFS already has in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ What environmental and sustainability considerations have been taken into account?

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+ For the Serangoon community, who are the contact points?

+ How long will the Construction take?

+ How will the preparation for construction affect Elementary student’s break times?

+ In case of emergency, what is the new evacuation procedure?

+ How is the school managing noise pollution resulting from the construction?



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