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Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of school life and student learning at IFS. They complement classroom teaching and give students access to education through sport, arts and culture while developing team spirit.

Over sixty activities supervised by experienced coaches are offered to our students in French or in English. There are many possibilities. From Maternelle (kindergarten) onwards, students have the opportunity to sign up for sports, cultural, artistic, pedagogical activities and/or language workshops.

These activities allow students to discover and develop their talents and passions – be they athletic, intellectual or creative. These activities bring our students together by creating a common bond that forms the basis of the school culture and the IFS community by encouraging diversity and excellence.

Numerous inter-school (AEFE network), local and international sports and artistic events are organised. An opportunity for students to share their passions and challenge each other.

In Maternelle, extra-curricular activities are organised from Monday to Thursday from 3.35 pm, Friday from 12.45 pm and Saturday morning from 10.45 am.

List of artistic, cultural, linguistic, scientific and sporting activities 
Arts & Cultures of Asia Gymnastics Modern Dance
Ball games Jazz Dance Mosaics & Chinese Art
Ballet Dance Judo Multi-sports
Basketball Karate Swimming
Construction games KinderMusik Tennis
Engineering Lego Robotics The Little Ecologists
Fine Arts LudoMaths Yoga
Football Mandarin Beginners
Fun sciences Mandarin Mother Tongue

In Élémentaire, extra-curricular activities are organised from Monday to Thursday from 3.35 pm, Friday from 12.45 pm and Saturday morning from 9 am.

List of sports, artistics, cultural,  educational activities and linguistic activities 
Apprentice architect English Scrabble Modern Dance
Aquathlon Fine Arts Multi-sports
Archery Floorball Pop Rock
Badminton French Drama Primary Model United Nations
Ballet Dance Fun Sciences Rock climbing
Basketball Gymnastics Rollerblading
Breakdancing Hip Hop Rugby
Bridge IFS Camp Self-defence
Capoeira Improvisation Drama Skateboarding
Cheerleading Italian, Mother tongue Spanish, Mother tongue
Chess Judo Swimming
Choir Karate Table Tennis
Coding & Robotics Koh Lanta : Adventure Games Taekwondo
Cooking & Baking Lego Robotics Tennis
Early creators Let’s Code : Game Design Track & Field
Engineering Let’s Code : Story building Yoga
English Drama Mandarin, Beginner
English Drama: Storytelling Mandarin, Mother tongue

In Collège and Lycée, extra-curricular activities are organised from Monday to Friday from 4 pm and on Saturday mornings.

List of sports, artistic, cultural and educational activities
Aquathlon Drama in English PMUN 6th Model United Nations Workshop (PYMUN)
Arts Drama in French Radio
Athletics Drama improvisation Rock Middle School
Badminton FABLAB Rugby
Basketball Game Design, Python & Microbit Sewing
Chess Gymnastics Soccer
Choir L.I.F.E. Swimming
Climbing Math en Jeans Table Tennis
Crossfit Middle Year MUN (MY-MUN) Touch Rugby
Dance MUN Volleyball
Debate Photography