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IFS has a broad and dynamic artistic programme that is an integral part of each student’s experience at IFS and is critical in fulfilling a holistic and creative education.

The Arts are an essential part of the curriculum. Artistic education allows students to explore art, music and drama, taking into account the sounds and images that are part of their daily environment.

An arts education aims to train the eyes and ears. Develop their awareness and creativity, stimulate their curiosity and give them the enjoyment of creating and discovering.

At IFS, each student’s potential for innovation and creativity is developed through artistic activities. Music, drama and visual arts allow our students to express their identity and develop their understanding of the world while developing their creativity, self-confidence, resilience and technical adaptability.

Artistic education is essential for shaping young minds. Students learn to represent the world around them; express emotions; narrate and tell stories through images, sounds, words and movement.



  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Workshop in Collège (optional)
  • Option in Lycée (Première and Terminale)
Express and live

From the study of dramatic texts to the discovery of acting and staging, live performance has a rightful place at IFS.

The practice of drama enables the students to learn to put themselves into play and to assert themselves in public. Critical for developing confident, committed and engaging young people.

Artistic and cultural education at IFS encourages students to work on the challenges of dramaturgy and theatrical creation, to develop their creativity and imagination and to grasp the scenic space.

At IFS, theatrical practice takes place within multidisciplinary projects. These can be arrangements, performances, days or weeks dedicated to drama.

Their implementation is on the initiative of teachers and educational teams as part of the school or establishment project.


  • Maternelle and Élementaire : 1 hour a week + optional Choir and Pop rock bands in Elementary 
  • Collège : 1 hour a week in the programme + optional Choir and Musical Workshop
  • Facultative Music option for the French baccalaureate, or Musical workshop in Lycée.
Explore and Share

At IFS, music education begins in Maternelle (Kindergarten) and continues in Élémentaire (Elementary) and Collège (Middle School) for all students. In Elementary, students who wish to deepen their work in Music can participate in the musical pedagogical workshops: there are two choir groups in Elementary and two Pop Rock bands.

In Collège, students have the opportunity to join the Choir. A musical workshop is also offered to the students in Collège and Lycée.

In Lycée (High School), the option is available for those who wish to continue their studies.

Music education enables students to develop their team spirit and collaboration, contributes to their integration and broadens their general cultural outlook.

It leads students to a concrete and critical approach to the world of sounds and music, by considering the sensitivity and pleasure of playing music as well as listening to it. It provides them with the cultural and technical knowledge needed to develop their listening and expression skills.

Three approaches :

  • Singing in class develops students’ memory, group cohesion, common musical heritage.
  • Choirs promote collective work.
  • Orchestral practise works on instrumental techniques and collaboration.


  • Daily arts session in Maternelle and Élémentaire
  • 1 hour a week in Collège
  • Visual arts workshop in Lycée
Imagine and create

At IFS, art education begins in Maternelle (Kindergarten) and continues in Élémentaire (Elementary) and Collège (Middle School) for all students. In Lycée (High School), a visual arts workshop is offered to students.

The teaching of visual arts offers our students the means to take an informed and critical look at art and the visual universes to which it refers, artistic and non-artistic. Students are invited to explore, experiment, create, produce.

The teaching of the history of art is also scheduled for all students from Elementary to High School. This subject helps students acquire knowledge of critical periods and practitioners central to the development and evolution of many cultures. Students discover and explore works of different artistic fields, eras and civilisations.

Multidisciplinary, it is provided by all-volunteer teachers around joint projects; in Middle School, it is primarily undertaken by teachers of history-geography, arts and music education.

IFS students learn to describe a work of art, to associate a work to an era and a civilisation, to propose a critical analysis and an interpretation of a piece of art.