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The digital environment at IFS

In the digital era, IFS acknowledges the importance of fostering the development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem and enhancing every student’s digital skills and competencies. IFS is committed to its mission of educating about technology’s challenges and their uses.

Digital education at IFS starts in primary school, educating students about individual responsibility while facilitating communication and cooperation between students. This pedagogical approach complements the educational offering at IFS. It allows our students to learn, to learn, in and with digital technology. It strengthens and helps our students learn more effectively alongside more traditional methods.

At IFS, we use digital resources in various ways to support teaching and learning. Electronic books, digital portfolios, educational games, etc. The purpose of these tools is to diversify the possibilities for learning and develop reasoned uses. IFS uses technology to power learning in a constantly evolving context, enabling students to better connect with the educational material.

IFS Digital Education Guiding Principles

  1. IFS integrates digital education in an ambitious and yet thoughtful way. The use of digital technology must bring added value to the educational programme for all students and teachers. The use of technology must be relevant and inspired by best practices and research findings in this area, per the Digital Competency Reference Framework (CRCN).
  2. IFS promotes responsible and ethical uses of digital technology in a context particularly favourable to its development.
  3. In its School Project 2022, IFS customises the use of digital education across grade levels. The digital policy is the result of a consultation of the entire IFS educational community (a variation on all axes of the school project).
  4. IFS ensures the development of knowledge, skills and digital practices of all stakeholders:
    • students
    • educational and administrative staff
  • Parent are involved in the process
  1. IFS promotes the principle of adaptability in a scalable context. IFS integrates digital technology into teaching practices by giving the necessary time throughout the school timetable to ownership, experimentation, evaluation, implementation, and training.