International French School Groupe Humanitaire

A French School for Hope

In cooperation with teachers, IFS Groupe Humanitaire aims to raise awareness amongst our students about the difficulties faced by other children in the region and to make them understand that they can help improve their lives through simple and fun ways.

Every year, volunteer parents, in collaboration with teachers and academic teams, organise humanitarian school projects in partnership with local organisations that support children.

The mission of the IFS Groupe Humanitaire is to:

  • Raise awareness about humanitarian causes amongst students
  • Organise school projects to allow students to understand that they can make a difference and help the underprivileged
  • Make a tangible contribution to the improvement of the living and educational conditions of disadvantaged children

To contact the IFS Groupe Humanitaire, email us at [email protected]

IFS Groupe Humanitaire favours and ensures follow-up and reliability of long-term projects.

Several organisations receive financial support:

in Singapore

  • Children’s Wishing Well supports low-income local families.
  • Pertapis provides a welfare home for children in difficult situations and a therapeutic program and assistance to the youth to reintegrate back into society and assists local families in difficult situations.

in Asia

  • Blue Dragon helps underprivileged children in Vietnam.
  • Couleurs de Chine assists children from Miao, Yao and Dong villages (south of China) to attend school until they finish university.
  • Krousar Thmey develops a complete special education programme for the deaf, blind and visually impaired people in Cambodia.
  • Les oursins assists in the development and balance of underprivileged children in the Philippines.

Due to COVID-19, the IFS Groupe Humanitaire had to adapt the following projects to the new health and safety measures and plan further humanitarian projects

  • Virtual Walkathon: Saturday, 12th December 2020
  • Humanitarian project with grade 12 students’ Moral and Civic Education class
  • Development of new projects in different school levels
    • Sidaction
    • Collection of basic necessities
    • Art projects
    • Interviews with the heads of the charitable organisations

New projects can be undertaken when the constraints related to COVID-19 are relaxed:

  • Book fairs
  • Talent Show