The Educational Committee

The Educational Committee is the main body responsible for running educational and pedagogical affairs; it is chaired by the Principal.
  • It adopts the school project, the school rules, the timetable, the calendar, the training program for the staff
  • It gives an opinion on the recruitment needs, the structures, on school trips and the organisation of the school.

The Educational Committee is a tripartite body composed of an equal number of representatives from:

  • The administration
  • The school staff
  • The parents and the students
Voting Members Embassy representative
  • Counsellor for Culture, Education and Science: Mr. Anthony CHAUMUZEAU
Executive members
  • Principal: Mr. Hervé LEBARQUE
  • Executive Director: Mr. Yves MARCEL
  • Vice-Principal (High School): Mr. Bruno OLLIVIER
  • Vice-Principal (Middle School): Mr. Grégory BAILLEUL
  • Head of Kindergarten: Mr. Jerôme BEL
  • Head of Upper Primary: Ms. Agathe BLANDIN
  • Guidance Counsellor: Ms. Nafissa ZBAIRI
Representatives of teaching and non-teaching staff

Teaching staff

  • Mr. Jérôme CHEZE
  • Mr. Nicolas MOORADALLY
  • Mr. Yves MARRE
  • Ms. Brenda MARSHALL
  • Mr. Jean-Charles MAJERUS
  • Ms. Claire ROUSSENALY

Non-teaching staff

  • Ms. Isabelle FAGOT
  • Mr. Mahadhevan MANIMARAN
Representatives of the parents and the students


  • Mr. Louis DOMART ( Reserve member : Mr. Adrien BOUAT)
  • Mr. Marc LOXLEY ( Reserve member :  Mr. Quentin LEPRINCE-RINGUET)
  • Ms. Pauline DE CASTELBAJAC ( Reserve member : Mr. Rafaa AYED)

Primary School Parents

  •  For the Kindergarten:
    • Ms. Aude LE CHATELIER
  • For the Elementary:
    • Ms. Anne-Charlotte TASSIN
    • Ms. Samantha THASSIM
  • Reserve members for the Primary level:
    • Ms. Karine DOUCERAIN

Secondary School Parents

  • Middle School:
    • Mr. Christophe CHAU
  • High School:
    • Ms. Marilisa BUSATTA
  • Reserve member for the Secondary level:
    • Mr. Jean-Jacques VESPERINI (Middle School)
    • Mr. Claude TEMPE (High School)
Non-voting members

The French Consul

  • Mr. André RUCHE

The consular counsellors

  • Mr. Aurélien COGNON
  • Ms. Belma YEBKA
  • Ms. Laurence HURET

2 representatives of the Executive Committee

  • The President of the Executive Committee: Mr. Jean-Marc DEROMEDI
  • Ms. Virginie DINKIAN BARRE

The Supervisor

  • Ms. Amélie ROZIER

The Vice-president of the Student Council (CVL)

Representatives of the French community – President(s) of French associations in Singapore

  • Acuueil Singapour : Ms. Marjorie DE KERTANGUY
  • UFE : Ms. Ariane NABARRO
  • ADFE : Mr. Sebastien LACROIX

The President of the student alumni

  • Mr. Gregoire RASTOUL

The Regional Coordinator of AEFE (French Agency for French education abroad)

  • Mr. Gilles ALMOSNINO

The 6 representatives of the parents in the Educational Committee as well as their reserve members make up the Parent Committee.