Created in Beijing in 2013 by an IFS teacher, Ms Isabelle Han, the ‘Territoires d’Asie’ competition is a multilingual and intercultural project for which the objective is to encourage students to open their eyes, look at their surroundings in their host country and be able to discover it better. 

By participating in this photo contest, which is part of an inter-school project within the AEFE Asia-Pacific network, IFS students are also encouraged to discover the specificities of different countries through the works of other schools. It is an opportunity for them to express their sensitivity and perception of their host country in French or a foreign language and thus become fully aware of their multilingual and multicultural environment through aesthetic and emotional components.

At IFS, this project is divided into two parts: 

  • A joint project for the Asia-Pacific zone: “My host country, this is what you can see, and I like it”: The students will have to take a photo of a place, things or people in action… in their host country and explain in the caption why they chose this photo and why they like what it represents.
  • A project more specific to IFS and the city of Singapore and as part of the IFS education on sustainability, led by IFS teacher Ms Fanny De Pra, “This is what happens with water in my home country, and I like it!”. Water plays a crucial role in Singapore, and water resources are also a major climate change challenge.

The competition will be open to students from CM1 (Grade 4) to Terminale (Grade 12) with three distinct categories: CM1-6ème, 5ème-3ème and lycée. 

Most participants are students who work with their class as part of an academic project, but there are also some individual participants.

 The works will be submitted in April. The students can vote for their favourite piece, and Mr Cairo, delegate of the AEFE Direction and head of the Asia sector, will chair the jury. 

The results of the Asia-Pacific competition will then be announced in early June.