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An opportunity for students to rediscover the country they live in and express an idea through a photo and a text in multiple languages.

The ‘Territoires d’Asie’ competition is a multilingual, intercultural project designed to encourage students to take a closer look at the city and cultural environment of their host country, in order to discover it better. This year, teacher Mr. David Mas will be leading this wonderful project.

By taking part in this photo competition, which is part of an inter-school project within the AEFE Asia-Pacific network, IFS students are also encouraged to discover the specific features of different countries through the work of other schools. This is an opportunity for them to express their sensitivity and their perception of their host country in French or in a foreign language, and thus to become fully aware of their multilingual and multicultural environment, through aesthetic and emotional components. 

At IFS, this project is divided into two parts: 

  • A project common to the Asia-Pacific zone: “My host country and its contrasts”.

This involves students taking photos of places, things, people in action… in their host country, and explaining in the caption why they chose this photo and how it illustrates a contrast.

  • A project more specific to IFS and the city of Singapore, as part of the school’s curriculum and education on sustainability, under the supervision of teacher Mme Fanny de Pra. The theme this year is “Recycling & Waste” 

The contest will be open from the end of October to students from CM2 to Terminale, with 4 distinct categories: CM2-6ème liaison, 5ème-3ème, lycée and EDD (Prix Coup de Coeur only). 

The contest takes place within a class project, associated with a teaching sequence, but there can also be individual participants. 

The results will be announced in May-June, and the finalists’ works will be exhibited at IFS.

 “Roads were made for journeys, not destinations”, Confucius (551 BC to 479 BC)