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Students of the High School Theatre option are back to present work they completed on the play by Belgian author Céline DELBECQ,  


“Le Vent souffle sur Erzebeth”

In the village of Somlyo, wedged among the sea, the mountains and a volcano, a violent wind blow six days a month. Erzebeth, a 20-year-old woman, is particularly sensitive to it. One day, she saves a little girl from drowning and becomes the hero of the village. However, the wind continues to blow and Erzebeth’s anxieties about old age, death and the cyclical renewal of nature increase. Hasn’t the blood of the wounded girl made Erzebeth’s hands younger?

They will perform 4 shows in the IFS amphitheatre 2900 : 
Thursday, 26th;  Friday, 27th;  and Saturday, 28th of May at 8 pm 
Sunday, 29th of May at 5.30 pm 

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Please note that in case of a fully booked event, only registered persons will be allowed in the amphitheatre.

 Safe entry will be implemented at the entrance to check the vaccination status of spectators. Only vaccinated people may enter the venue.