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Join us for the first of a series of live talks* on Zoom.

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As part of the events “Ideas change the world” organised by IFS, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Belgian writer, photographer and filmmaker, will be speaking about his latest novel

“LES  ÉMOTIONS”, Éditions de Minuit

On Thursday, 1st October at 7 PM SGT

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Jean Philippe Toussaint Les EmotionsJean-Philippe Toussaint is the author of numerous novels all published by Editions de Minuit. Teaching in a high school in Algeria between 1982 and 1984, he began to write and, in 1985, published his first novel, entitled “La salle de bain”, which was a great success. 

He won the Prix Médicis in 2005 for his novel “Fuir” (Running Away), the second volume of the “Cycle de Marie”, a four-volume chronicle published for ten years and showing the separation of Marie and her lover. His novel “La Vérité sur Marie” (The Truth about Marie), third volume of the cycle, won the Prix Décembre in 2009.

Since then, thanks to his refined, minimalist style, his sarcastic and casual tone, he has occupied a prominent place among contemporary writers. His novels have been translated into some twenty languages. 

Parallel to his career as an author, Jean-Philippe Toussaint is a filmmaker and photographer. Since 2000, he has been exhibiting regularly in Europe (Belgium, France) and Japan. He is also the author of articles and short texts published in the daily press (Libération, in particular) or online magazines (bon-a-tirer.com).  

*This talk will be held in French.