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“Ideas change the world” with Christiane Taubira

Join us for a live talk* on Zoom with French politician Christiane Taubira about her first fiction novel published by Éditions Plon, Gran Balan.

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As part of the events “Ideas change the world” organised by IFS, Christiane Taubira, French politician, will be speaking about her first fiction novel

“GRAN BALAN”, Éditions Plon

On Tuesday, 10th November at 7 PM SGT

Born in 1952 in Cayenne, Guyana, Christiane Taubira held numerous political positions at both national and European level. Author of many successful books, including “Nuit d’Épine”, and a fervent defender of the rights of the marginalized, she notably brought forward the bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the spring of 2013.

Christiane has been steeped in literature since her early childhood in Guyana. She returned to her first love, writing, in her novel: “Gran Balan”, published by Plon.

Gran Balan is a great social fresco of the land she knows and loves so well: Guyana. Through touching characters, it reveals the customs, the joys, the wanderings, the fits of anger as well as the miracles of this country. 

In this novel, we find themes dear to the political struggles of the former Keeper of the Seals: a concern to tell the story of yesterday’s slavery with today’s words, attention to the most destitute, to those excluded from a fragmented Guyanese society, an ode to the women who build our world and, above all, new whispers to this troubled youth. 

*This talk will be held in French. Simultaneous translation in English will be available.