“Ideas Change the World”: In conversation with Marie Quartier & Jean-Pierre Bellon

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Join us for a live talk* on Zoom with Marie Quartier and Jean-Pierre Bellon, two professionals involved in the campaign against school bullying, founders of the RéSIS center (Centre de Ressources et d’Etudes Systémiques contre les Intimidations Scolaires), dedicated to the resolution of problems and pains at school.


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As part of the event series “Ideas change the world” organised by IFS, Marie Quartier & Jean-Pierre Bellon, founders of RéSIS center, will be speaking about: 


“School bullying situations: 

How to identify and resolve them using the shared concern method.”

On Thursday, 17th March at 7 PM SGT

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Marie Quartier, a French associate professor of literature, trained in the systemic approach and with a degree in psychology, founded the association Orfeee, dedicated to studying and treating school suffering in 2014.

 Having consulted for about ten years with many families of children who are victims of bullying, she has developed a specific work of accompanying these students and their families in cooperation with the members of the network she leads. Since 2017, she has partnered with the work of Jean-Pierre Bellon to complement the Méthode de la Préoccupation Partagée (MPPFR) with specific support for student victims and their families.

As a lecturer at the Université Lyon 2’, she gives conferences for various audiences and training courses dedicated to professionals of the school institution as well as to professionals of the helping relationship (psychotherapist, educators, social workers…).

She is a member of the committee of experts against school bullying for the French Ministry of Education.

Marie Quartier was awarded ‘Knight of the National Order of Merit’ in 2018.

She is the author of Harcèlement à l’école, Lui apprendre à se défendre (published by Eyrolles, 2016), and co-author with Jean-Pierre Bellin of : Les blessures de l’école (published by esf sciences humaines, 2020), Harcèlement scolaire : le vaincre c’est possible (published by esf sciences humaines, 2021).

Jean-Pierre Bellon, a French philosophy professor, is, along with Bertrand Gardette, one of the pioneers in the campaign against bullying in schools in France.

In 2006, he created with Bertand Gardette the French website harcelement-entre-eleves.com and the following year founded APHEE. 

From the early 2010s, he introduced the Method of the Swedish Anatol Pikas in France, which allows to effectively deal with school bullying situations through interviews with the bullying students. In 2017, the method was further adapted to the French context through its association with the work of Marie Quartier to become the Méthode de la Préoccupation Partagée (MPPFR), which considers the support of student victims and their families.

As a lecturer and trainer, he has been working for years with education professionals and parents in France and abroad (Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Singapore, Bali, Lebanon, Morocco, Uruguay…). He has already spoken in 2017 at the International French School (Singapore) for training and two conferences.

He is a member of the committee of experts against school bullying with the French Ministry of Education.

Jean-Pierre Bellon was awarded ‘Knight of the National Order of Merit’ in 2021.


Marie Quartier  is the author of Harcèlement à l’école, Lui apprendre à se défendre (published by Eyrolles, 2016),

Jean-Pierre Bellon is the author of Harcèlement et cyberharcèlement à l’école (published by esf sciences humaines, 2016),

They are co-author of : Les blessures de l’école (published by esf sciences humaines, 2020), Harcèlement scolaire : le vaincre c’est possible (published by esf sciences humaines, 2021).


*This talk will be held in French. Simultaneous translation in English will be available.