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Join us for a live talk* on Zoom with Marie-Noëlle Clément, child psychiatrist and psychotherapist, to discuss digital tools and their use by children aged 0-18

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As part of the event series “Ideas Change the World” organised by IFS, Marie-Noëlle Clément, French child psychiatrist and psychotherapist, will be speaking about: 

 The 3-6-9-12 guidelines 

for taming screens and growing up “

On Monday, 23rd May at 7 PM SGT – focus on 0-9yo

On Wednesday, 25th May at 7 PM SGT – focus on 9-18yo

Screen-based technologies have changed our relationship with knowledge, the organisation of learning, identity construction, links and sociability.

What impact do these technologies have on the development of our children and ourselves?

The 3-6-9-12 markers proposed by Serge Tisseron are intended to frame and accompany screens at any age. It is about learning how to use it, to learn better how to do without it.

The question of digital tools is a social problem that will not be solved with the simple denunciation of their potential dangers, but first and foremost, with the discovery of pleasure, creativity and relationship. 

Through reasoned prevention and wise education, it is possible to build a connected, responsible, and inventive society for our children and ourselves.

Marie-Noëlle Clément will speak at two webinars. The first is on benchmarks for 0-9-year-olds (Monday, 23rd May ), and the second is for 9-18-year-olds (Wednesday, 25th May)

These two conferences are complimentary depending on the age group of your children.

Marie-Noëlle Clément is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, director of the André Boulloche day hospital for children (CEREP-PHYMENTIN association – Paris 10th).

She participated in several pieces of research on the effects of screens alongside Dr Serge Tisseron and founded with him the association Trois Six Neuf Douze). She speaks very regularly on these subjects (conferences, training, articles, media).

Marie-Noëlle Clément is a member of the Small Empathy Laboratories of Serge Tisseron and contributed to the book “Premières Séances” (Ed. Les Fiches du Cinéma, October 2013) on the relationship of young audiences to cinema, published, in Ed. Philippe Duval, “Comment te dire?”, and a book on how to talk with toddlers about life events in a simple and adapted way (republished by Pocket 2018).

*This talk will be held in French. Simultaneous translation in English will be available.