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Join us for a live talk* on Zoom with Marc van Loo, co-founder of Safe Water Garden. Mr van Loo will discuss the challenges and the impact of unsafe drinking water and share the role that IFS students have played – and continue to play – in powering a global water and sanitation solution.

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As part of the event series “Ideas change the world” organised by IFS, Marc van Loo, co-founder of Safe Water Garden, will be speaking about: 

“How IFS students are turning a dream into reality: 

Safe Water and Sanitation for everyone”

On Thursday, 9th June at 7 PM SGT 

During this talk, we will discover: 

– Why ‘WASH’ (water, sanitation, hygiene) is the biggest issue facing Asian villagers and marks a considerable rural-urban inequality. The primary health problem is water sanitation, not water.

– How IFS students helped invent the Safe Water Garden system.

– How IFS students continue to power the WASH+ solution, working with Indonesian villagers to design micro-agriculture experiments and healthy food habits.

Marc van Loo is the Initiator and co-founder of Safe Water Gardens.

The Safe Water Gardens project was brought to life by a coalition of scientists, concerned people and business partners. Their aim, to provide a safe and affordable sanitation system for every home in rural areas.

Dutch by birth, cosmologist by training, educator and international educational author by early profession, Dr Marc van Loo opened in 2000 an educational eco-resort in Bintan, Indonesia, close to Singapore, LooLa Adventure Resort.

Spurred on by the preventable death of LooLa resort’s cook’s daughter, Marc van Loo and his team have built more than 500+ life-saving sanitation systems for village families in Bintan since 2015, the so-called Safe Water Gardens (SWG). 

The Indonesian government recognised SWG as part of its national standards in early 2020, making SWG one of the world’s most cost-effective on-site sanitation systems.

With a growing group of passionate collaborators, Marc van Loo is pursuing the mission of bringing safe sanitation around Asia within the next five years. 

This event will be moderated by three IFS Terminale students.

*This talk will be held in English. Simultaneous translation in French will be available.