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Francophonie Cultural Festival 2021

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IFS organises the Press and Francophonie days from 29th March to 6th April

As part of the Press and Francophonie Days, the International French School (Singapore) is organising various events, talks and activities in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Singapore and the Alliance Française de Singapour.

The Press and Francophonie Days offer the French-speaking and Francophile community in Singapore the opportunity to celebrate the French language and to meet intellectuals, journalists and writers of the French language, native or adopted.

Discover the programme below:

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Web radio programme:

Mrs Sylvie Tche, IFS teacher-librarian, will be hosting a radio programme with students about the students’ literary favourites. 

Date: Wednesday, 31st March and Thursday, 1st April from 11 am to 1 pm 
at 3C (IFS Secondary School Library, access only for students and IFS Staff),
Podcast rebroadcast on the IFS YouTube channel the same evening.

Live talk

during a web radio programme hosted by the students for the students on the theme of this year’s Francophonie: Gender equality.

Date: Tuesday, 6th April at 7 pm


About journalism

Sandra Laboucarie, journalist and external school counsellor, offers writing workshops and lectures on the journalist profession. Elementary school students from CE2, CM2 and Middle School students are invited to participate via registration by their teacher.

Dates: 29th March to 6th April

The 3C (IFS Secondary School Library) will broadcast 5-minute videos on misinformation.

Dates: 29th March to 6th April


Live talks

IFS, in partnership with the Embassy of France and the Embassy of Mexico in Singapore, organises a talk with Laure Adler and María Teresa Priego-Broca around Simone de Beauvoir.

“Simone de Beauvoir and the Writing of The Second Sex (1947-1948)”.

A highly anticipated talk by two eminent specialists of Simone de Beauvoir, Ms Laure Adler, French writer, journalist and radio/TV producer, and María Teresa Priego-Broca, Mexican journalist, lecturer and writer.

For more information, click here.

Date: Tuesday, 30th March at 6:30 pm


External events / Partnership

The Alliance Française de Singapour is organising a virtual round table via zoom on the theme “the place of gentleness in the act of creation.’

In line with the exhibition ‘Intimate Topographies’ in which artist Hélène Le Chatelier explores the idea and the image of the female body as a “terra incognita,” our panel discussion will further examine the theme of “gentleness in the act of creation.” As an artist whose works resist the conventional male gaze of art history while simultaneously questioning “feminine” attributes and histories, Hélène Le Chatelier will talk about her unique approach towards art and her positioning as a female artist. Writers Lilyane Beauquel and Joffrine Donnadieu will chime in with a discussion on the distinction between “femininity” and “feminism,” and more generally, on how we are conditioned by a shared history that is often difficult to escape.

The conference will be held in French with English subtitles and moderated by IFS teacher Sébastien Bonnemason

The panel will be held in Alliance Française’s theatre with an allowance of 50 people (max) and streamed live on the Alliance Française’s Facebook page.

Date: Wednesday, 24th March at 8 pm (Singapore time)


Learning activities:

The Francophone Days are a key moment of the “Dis-moi dix mots” 
Each year, ten words are highlighted. The aim is to work on ten words to create literary and artistic creations. Ten words to be written, drawn, painted, slammed, sung, filmed… giving free rein to your creativity!
Several elementary school teachers will be working on “Dis-moi 10 mots”. An exhibition in the library for the CP and CE2 classes will highlight their works. 

Dates: 29th March to 6th April

Primary school teachers are also launching an elocution contest. 

Elementary school teachers are running elocution workshops.
The aim of these workshops is to pass on, through exercises and group games, tools to build self-confidence by being punchy when speaking. 

Dates: end of preparation sessions mid-May