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Does Education Have a Gender?

How does being a boy or a girl affect the way education is given at school or in a family?

Join French journalist and author Aurélia Blanc in this school talk, ideal for students and parents, to better understand feminism and how education has a role to play in helping girls and boys find their place while respecting each gender’s differences.

Aurélia Blanc is a journalist at Causette magazine. A magazine that defines itself as follows: “With Causette magazine, you discover a new generation of committed women’s press. It is written for women and speaks about them”. Causette positions itself for the defence of women’s freedoms: “I don’t fight for feminism, I live feminism”. Causette is a unique women’s magazine, created following an obvious observation: many women do not recognise themselves in traditional women’s magazines. The magazine favours journalistic investigation, reporting and interviews, with humour and a playful tone.

Aurélia Blanc is the author of two books Tu seras un homme – féministe – mon fils ! (you will be a man – feminist- my son !) and Tu seras une mère féministe (you will be a feminist mother), both published by Marabout. She started writing her first book right after the birth of her first son.

She then realised that the injunction to feminism (she will come back to this word to try to define it) is often addressed to women and young girls, rarely (if ever) to men and young boys. Her book takes this path and looks at all fields of education with the primary question: what are the biases we need to overcome in order to educate young boys in a feminist way?

This is what led IFS to invite Aurélia Blanc to come and present the object of her reflection and question this perspective during a talk about :

“Does education have a gender?”
Tuesday, 25 April at 7:00 P.M.
Amphitheatre 2900

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The talk will be moderated by two Terminale students as part of their EMC (Moral and Civic Education) course.