Welcome to the IFS Careers Fair 2023!

Friday, 10 February from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. 

Saturday, 11 February from 9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

The IFS University & Carreers Guidance team have gathered a diverse group of professionals to provide students from 3ème (Grade 9) to Terminale (Grade 12) with insight into a variety of careers. 

Our goal is to help IFS students learn about different job fields, understand what skills are needed, and find out what kind of education or training is required. This is an exciting opportunity for them to explore their interests, ask questions, and make connections that can help guide future career paths. 

So, take advantage of this day and have fun discovering all that is possible!

A large panel of professionals from the following sectors will be present:

  1. Agriculture / Environment
  2. Architecture / Construction / Public works
  3. Military / Security / Defence
  4. Arts / Culture / Design
  5. Audiovisual / Communication / Information
  6. Banking / Finance / Insurance
  7. Commerce / Sales / Marketing
  8. Law / Economics / Management
  9. Energy
  10. Public Service / Diplomacy / University Research / Education
  11. Hospitality / Food & Beverages / Tourism
  12. Information Technology / Internet
  13. Logistics / Transportation
  14. Industrial production
  15. Health / Social / Sports

Thanks to the IFS community’s network, approximately 50 professionals from Singapore have agreed to participate in this event. They will come to our school to present their careers and fields of activity in 1-to-1 exchanges from individual booths located at the gymnasium and during closed-door presentations. 

To find out more about the list of participants and conference programme, click here. >>