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Choosing the Right Kindergarten for You and Your Child in Singapore

Selecting the right Kindergarten is an important task and depends on the priorities of each family. These may include the values promoted by the school, the language policy, the facilities, the proximity to the place of residence, the place given to kindness…  The criteria are multiple.

There are a large number of kindergarten options in Singapore, but few can offer a truly warm, safe, nurturing, multilingual environment for children aged 2 to 5 like the IFS Maternelle, (kindergarten). 

Read the following article and find out why this French-Chinese family chose IFS Kindergarten.

Expat Living Beal Family

Parents: Xueying Wang and Yohan Beal, Chinese and French
Children: Elliott (6) and twins Michelle and Hannah (4)

“We’ve been in Singapore for over three years. Our son Elliott spent three years in the preschool and is now in CP (Grade 1). Michelle and Hannah joined two years ago in the Petite Section (N2) and are now in the Moyenne Section (K1). We decided to enrol our children at the IFS because of the excellent results achieved by the students every year in their Baccalaureate exam. Based on our colleagues’ and friends’ experiences, we’ve seen that IFS students are able to join the best schools and universities.

Our biggest concern was the transition from home to school on a full-time basis. Our children have really enjoyed going to preschool and bonded with their teachers and friends. Obviously, the bilingual learning and multicultural environment of the school is very important to us but what’s most key is that they feel comfortable and happy and that they miss their teachers and friends when they’re on holiday.

We would recommend the preschool to other families because it makes the transition from preschool to school (CP) very smooth. On top of what you would normally expect from any preschool, there are numerous activities that are very important for the development of the children such as swimming, cycling and outings (Bollywood Veggies, Chinatown, Indian temples, plays and more). Some of those activities are suspended due to COVID-19 but we hope the children will resume a normal programme as soon as possible.”

Originally published by ExpatLiving