School Rules | Kindergarten

It is important to communicate all absences as soon as possible.


School Hours *
School Opening of Doors
Monday to Thursday 8:35 am to 3:25 pm 8:15 am and 3:10 pm
Friday 8:35 am to 12h15 pm 8:15 am and 12:00 pm

TPS : Monday to Thursday from 8h35 am to 11h50 pm and Friday from 8h35 am to 12h15 pm.

  • When a student is absent, please notify the school as soon as possible by email:
  • When the parents are absent from Singapore, please fill out the Parents’ Absence form and send it to the school secretary. This release form is important for the Singaporean authorities. A legal guardian must be designated to be authorised to make decisions in case of emergency.
Direction M. Florian OLIVE
Secrétariat Mme Annie SOK PERIA
Email [email protected]
Téléphone +65 6805 0085