IFS community captures beautiful oddities on the streets of Singapore

Monday, 06 April 2020

International French School (Singapore) students and staff explored the streets of Singapore and their own creativity for photo competition with other French schools in the Asia-Pacific region

IFS Secondary students and staff took on a challenge to compete in the 7th AEFE Asia-Pacific photography contest. In keeping with the theme “In my host country, the oddities at the corner of the street”, they explored the streets of Singapore with a photographer’s eye.

IFS English teacher and contest organiser Mrs Cécile Derckel highlighted that the photo contest was a success with more participants this year. The theme inspired students, and involved their families in discovering the city by searching for the best pictures and angles.

Congratulations to the seven winning images of the IFS photo contest. To Jean Belleau 5H, Laurie-Ann Hénaff TSB, Sophie Dubois 1SB, Elise Berthaud 6I, Thomas Bontemps 6K, Laurent Pham 3G, Candy Phan (Staff).

They will go on to participate in the AEFE Asia-Pacific photo contest grand finale to be the hosted by the Lycee Français de Jakarta in May 2020.

Jean Belleau 5H
Laurie-Ann Hénaff TSB
Sophie Dubois 1SB


Elise Berthaud 6I
Thomas Bontemps 6K
Laurent Pham 3G


Candy Phan (Staff)