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What are your best memories of your time at LFS/IFS ?

Two things have marked me during my years at LFS. First of all, I have wonderful memories of the school trip to Malaysia.

And above all, the school’s infrastructure (both academic and sports).

Did anyone at LFS/IFS particularly mark, inspire or motivate you ?

I have terrific memories of several teachers for their charisma, their humour, their humanism and their skills: my German, math, philosophy and physics chemistry teachers, and of course, my English teacher as well.

How did LFS/IFS prepare you for university and your career choices ?

I remember having a lot of support from the professors in preparation for the baccalaureate, especially because of the small class sizes.

What studies did you pursue after graduating from LFS/IFS ?

I entered an MPSI preparatory class, then the HEI engineering school in Lille (graduated in 2011), witha master’s degree in electric vehicle engineering.

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

Take advantage of the opportunity (the privilege even!) you have to be at IFS.

Don’t make hasty career choices. Leave room for the unexpected… Set a course and believe in your abilities!

When in doubt, do as the sailors do, look behind you at the path you have traced and compare it to your starting point.Work always pays off… sooner or later!