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How has LFS/IFS prepared you for graduate school and your career choices ?

The interdisciplinary curriculum allows us to have an essential general culture and diverse interests.

The English courses and the courses in English (EPS, Plastic Arts, Physics, etc.) allow us to master this language perfectly.

What has been your most outstanding achievement at LFS/IFS ?

Aside from my academic achievements, participating in several extracurricular activities has really made my experience unique.

I loved joining the choir, going on a great trip to Indonesia with them, and preparing a concert.

I also have fond memories of the touch rugby team I was a part of for six years.

These experiences allowed me to build great friendships, learn to work in a group/team, and follow me during my studies.

Indeed, I then went on to play for the women’s rugby team at my university in England.

Where do you work today? What is your role? In which country ?

After obtaining an integrated Master’s degree in Genetics (4 years) at UCL in England, I am currently in the first year of a PhD in Population Health Sciences at Harvard University in Boston (US).

I specialize in infectious disease epidemiology.

In the long term, I would like to work in a health organization, either globally or nationally, to help understand and control their spread, especially in developing countries.

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

– Choose subjects that really interest you and stick with them!

For example, I took the specialization SVT at the baccalaureate, even though it was the least recognized specialization academically, and I don’t regret it at all.

It was my favourite subject in Terminale, and it allowed me to get an excellent grade in SVT at the bac.

– Don’t lose motivation when faced with academic failure!

Even though it’s unpleasant to fail, failures should encourage you to persevere and, in hindsight, are often the best thing that can happen (whether it’s bad grades or college admissions). – Take advantage of IFS’s offerings and facilities for extracurricular activities!