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The International French School (Singapore) hosts 122 students at the 17th Singapore International Model United Nations from 10th to 12th March 2022. 

IFS organised the event once again online. The conference brings together students from international schools in Asia to discuss topical and current world issues.

The SIMUN conference is a 3-day simulation of the United Nations for secondary school students, which takes place in mid-March each year at IFS. The SIMUN Conference is affiliated with The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Foundation and follows the same procedures. 

This year eight schools participated in the virtual conference, seven from Singapore (International French School (Singapore)Anglo Chinese SchoolCanadian International School (Singapore)Overseas Family SchoolUnited World College of South East Asia (Dover)Australian International SchoolUnited World College of South East Asia (East) and the Lycée Français de Séoul in South Korea.

For this 17th edition, there were five committees: 

  • World Health Organisation 
  • Environment and Development 
  • Human Rights Council 
  • Security Council 
  • United Nations Economic and Social Council

The one hundred twenty-two students participating in SIMUN2022 were able to exchange, debate and propose resolutions on various themes and topics.

This conference was, for some delegates, their first one. Azénor Barre, a member of the SIMUN 2022 Press Corps, reported on some of the opinions, backgrounds and expectations of the new delegates : 

“The delegate of Afghanistan in the Security Council opened up about his motivation for Model United Nations (MUN). This SIMUN is his first ‘real’ conference, but he has been an avid MUNer since the 6th grade. The way he sees it, MUN is a portal into various international perspectives. Moreover, he hopes MUN will open his mind. In his own words, ‘MUN will help me accept others’ opinions.’ As MUN is all about constructive and diplomatic debate, delegates learn how to respect each other and their different points of view whilst exchanging in a productive manner.”

Find here the full article on “First Time Delegates: their opinions, backgrounds and expectations” by Azénor Barre.

During this conference, the press corps also wished to shed light on the responsibilities and experiences of the chairs. In MUN, chairs are the people at the head of each committee. They ensure that delegates follow the rules and procedures correctly to ensure an orderly and organised conference and encourage or assist them concerning debate, making speeches, and submitting amendments.

Chloé Grellier (deputy chair of Environment) was asked what made her want to work as a chair during this conference: 

“I have been doing MUN for around seven years, but after 14 conferences in total in which I participated as a delegate, I do believe that you do learn certain sets of skills as a delegate. However, as a chair, you learn a completely different set of skills, and I think it’s important to try out and develop both because it takes a lot to lead the committee. I do see chairing as a great experience to go through!”

Read the full interviews of two chairs here: “An Interview with the Chairs” by Amélie Hay.

Finally, Amélie Hay, a press corps member, wished to feature the impressions this conference has made on the delegates participating. Overall, being part of this conference has had a very positive impact on the delegates and managed to connect many people through debate.

The delegate representing Indonesia in the Human Rights Council stated, “I think these conferences are really interesting, in which students from all around the world are debating together to resolve major problems that are happening in the world.”  She added that she saw all of these students are debating on one topic to discuss solutions as very fruitful.

Read the impressions of the delegates after SIMUN 2022 here: “Delegates’ Experiences” by Amélie Hay.

Participation in SIMUN provides IFS students with skills in negotiation, public speaking, conflict resolution, cooperation and leadership.

To learn more about SIMUN 2022, find information from the Student Press Corps here.

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