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IFS Graduates Take Up Their University Places Worldwide

IFS Class of 2020 this month joined top universities worldwide in several core academic fields of study, confirming IFS as a successful pathway to academic and personal achievement.

Following their excellent Bac results, the majority of students from our Class of 2020, this month, started their university further education careers. IFS Terminale students achieved a 100% pass rate with almost 80% receiving high merits, (Très Bien and Bien). These examination successes meant that many of IFS’s graduates got places at and are now enrolled in top universities around the world and pursuing studies in a wide range of subjects.

Of our 2020 graduates, 42% are attending top universities in France, while 58% have found places at institutions worldwide. These include King’s College London, University of Edinburgh, McGill, Imperial College London, EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Leiden University College The Hague, Melbourne University and Cambridge University to name a few.

Of those students entering courses in France, IFS graduates will be found at institutions of higher learning such as IESEG School of Management, Institut Catholique de Paris, Sciences Po Paris and LISAA School of Art & Design, Paris, Lycée Hoche Versailles, Lycée Henri IV Paris, and Lycée Sainte-Geneviève Versailles.

Our students have gone to study in a wide range of fields. The majority can be found in courses in business and economics, the sciences, humanities and political science. Other popular courses for IFS graduates in 2020 include medicine, the arts and architecture.

Commenting on our recent graduates, Christian Soulard, Principal IFS said, “Our experienced team of university advisors support and guide students as they select their areas of study and navigate university admissions processes. At IFS, we ensure our students can make informed decisions about their future academic or career choices. Our student-centred approach encourages them to follow their passions. I wish all our graduates of 2020 success in all their academic and personal pursuits beyond IFS.”

To learn more about IFS university guidance and student university destinations visit Beyond IFS.

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