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Fifteen IFS 6ème (grade 6) students take up journalism in a teacher lead workshop, two hours per week. We will be following their progress over the coming months.  


This year, the journalism workshop offered to 6th grade students includes 15 volunteer students supervised by Mr Maxime Pilon, History-Geography teacher and Mrs Laurence Clément, also a History-Geography teacher.

Copy Of 6eme Element
The apprentice journalists of the IFS newspaper : Nour, Margaux, Timothée, Céleste, Maxence, Emilie, Clémence, Capucine, Lou, Mado, Maxime, Chloé, Neela, Brune and Lise.

The main objective of this workshop is to foster IFS students’ critical thinking skills. The aim is to encourage IFS students to become enlightened citizens, capable of critically analysing information and images.  Students are taught to evaluate source material from publications and to understand the value of the coexistence of different and diverse types of media. As such students take the roles of journalists, photographers, editors and layout designers. Experiencing and practising what it is like to run a media outlet like a newspaper. 

Together, the students choose the theme for the next issue of the newspaper, collectively build a roadmap for publication, research information, report and write articles.

The International French School (Singapore) offers numerous workshops and extra-curricular activities to students, enabling them to discover and develop their talents and passions – whether athletic, intellectual or creative.


Georges Clémenceau in Singapore

Clemenceau 1The first issue of the students’ newspaper, entitled “The Sixth Element” <Le Sixième Élément>, is dedicated to the French statesman Georges Clémenceau, in connection with and related to the vOilah! France Singapore festival organised by the French Embassy in Singapore, of which IFS is a partner. 

In this special report, the apprentice journalists retrace Mr. Clemenceau’s life with a special focus on his travels in Asia. 

Clemenceau 2Extract from Le Sixième Élément: “Georges Clemenceau left for Asia and South-East Asia on January 18th, 1920. He was 79 years old. He arrived in Singapore on October 17th, 1920. His boat trip lasts nine months”.

These first steps in Singapore are detailed: “On 20 October, our hero travels to the heart of Chinatown accompanied by his two travelling companions and falls under the spell of the architecture of the shophouses. Dr. Lim Boon Keng, an eminent member of the Chinese community, serves as a guide in this neighbourhood. He also visits the Chinese school of Yeung Cheng, where he is greeted by a Marseillaise played by the school’s orchestra”.

The student journalists describe in detail the programme of Clémenceau’s first visit to Singapore, on October 17th, 1920, and in particular the inauguration of Georges Clémenceau Avenue. 

Clemenceau 3Extract from Le Sixième ÉlémentOn October 17th, 1920, Clémenceau arrived in Singapore. In his busy schedule, his British hosts did him the honour of planning the inauguration of an eponymous avenue.

During his lifetime, they wanted to pay tribute to him by naming an avenue after him. The British authorities built the largest avenue in Singapore for Georges Clémenceau. On 22 October 1920, at 11 o’clock, he cut the ribbon and thanked his guests for the honour in a speech.

The new main road links Orchard Road to Bukit Timah Road with trees, one on each side of the new road. In his speech of thanks, Clemenceau hailed the avenue as a symbol of friendship between England and France.

Although construction of the road was supposed to have begun in 1920, work did not begin until 1928 and was costly because of its size. The first part of the road was only opened in November 1929.”

Stay tuned for The Sixth’s Element’s first issue coming soon.