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5ème students of the International French School (Singapore) attended a humanitarian conference on 15 March presented by three Terminale students and a speaker from the Food From The Heart association.

This talk took place as part of a week of food donation drive that was organised in both IFS campuses from Monday, 14th of March to Friday, 18th of March.

Find below the conference reports written by two students who attended this presentation:

Food From The Heart humanitarian conference, by Laura Lautier, 5F

On Tuesday, 15th of March 2022, the 5ème students attended a humanitarian conference presented by three Terminale students, Jade, Jordane and Marina, and a speaker from the Food From The Heart association, Maya.

 First, the students discussed some important themes. Solidarity is the opposite of egoism, a value that reminds us of fraternity and mutual help. Then, they explained the HDI, which is an indicator that measures the level of development of a country thanks to the life expectancy of the population, the birth rate, the literacy rate and many other criteria (Singapore is in 12th place out of 189 countries), or the GDP, which is the economic indicator that allows us to know the wealth created annually by a country divided by the number of inhabitants. Finally, the Terminale students came back to malnutrition, the fact of not eating enough or simply not eating a balanced diet. 

After these definitions, they showed us the hidden side of Singapore, because yes, this city is not only home to a rich population. There are also poor families who are unable to feed themselves properly every day due to their lack of money. In fact, out of approximately 757,000 children living in Singapore, an average of 23,000 are hungry. 


In order to solve this problem, these students introduced us to Food From The Heart, a humanitarian association created in 2003 by Henry and Christine Laimer, an Austrian couple shocked by malnutrition in Singapore. This association fights against malnutrition in Singapore by collecting donations (canned food, beverage cartons, tea bags, packs of pasta/rice…) and fresh bread that bakeries have not sold at the end of the day and distributing them to people in need with the help of volunteers.

Maya, the speaker explained their different projects such as School Goodie Bag which aims to prepare lunch boxes for local students or Project Belanga, a program that reheats food before it is distributed to people who do not have the ability to cook for themselves. 

Do not hesitate to donate or volunteer!


Food From The Heart humanitarian conference, by Laura Lautier, 5F

On Tuesday, 15th of March, I attended the humanitarian conference for 5ème students. This conference was organised by three students from Terminale, Jade, Jordane and Marina in partnership with the association Food From The Heart (FFTH).

 First of all, it is important to know that even if Singapore is apparently very rich and well developed, there are still people living in poverty and sometimes having difficulty simply feeding themselves. Thus, it is estimated that there are about 23000 malnourished children in Singapore. Malnutrition does not always mean that there is not enough food, but sometimes that it is not of good quality.

Food From The Heart is an example of an association that is there to reduce these problems, relying on generosity and solidarity to achieve it. FFTH distributes to the city’s poorest people food that they have previously obtained through donations, and even opens permanent stores where anyone eligible can get good food for free.

In short, FFTH relies on all Singaporeans and especially IFS 5ème students to collect food and help the less fortunate in our home country.

Please do not hesitate:  https://www.foodfromtheheart.sg/donate/

Check out the thank you message from the student organisers of the food collection below: 


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“We want to really thank you for so many of you who participated in the food collection for Food From The Heart, we are very grateful.

Thanks to you, this collection was really successful and will surely help many families in Singapore. 
Some of you have contributed in an exceptional way to our project by making very generous donations of goods or money.
If you want, it is possible to continue to help the association directly by making financial donations via their website:
You can also go to the association’s location: 130 Joo Seng Road #03-01 Singapore 368357
Do not hesitate to consult this link for more information:
Thank you again for your involvement, your help will, without any doubt, be greatly appreciated by those in need.” 

Jordane, Marina and Jade in Terminale and coordinators of this project.

To learn more about the IFS humanitarian group, click here.