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Effective inductions are timely, organised and engaging. They create an excellent first impression of a school. 


The IFS new staff induction aims to inspire new starters, set out the organisation’s mission and vision, and educate about the school’s history, culture and values.

In Singapore, private education is a competitive environment. Despite this, every year, more and more students enrol at our school, and this is thanks in large part to the professional staff, international environment and high standard of services. 

IFS academic and administrative staff are a crucial factor in the academic success of students’ and the school’s reputation as a whole. A vital part of achieving this success, the HR team creates a working environment that promotes fulfilment, development and commitment. The onboarding programme is one of the essential HR processes.

Every year, IFS welcomes about fifty newcomers at the beginning of the school year. This year, our HR team faced a new challenge – to onboard our latest colleagues from many different countries in the context of the COVID-19 safe management measures. To maintain the quality of the programme, they need to employ their creativity and resourcefulness. And it was a success. 

Aurora Benítez Pérez, a new secondary teacher in Spanish Language said, “the induction sessions are enriching. When you arrive at a new school, you are eager for information. The school tour was a must”.

Teresa Cullen, a secondary English Language teacher said, “The induction days were well organised and set up to be totally inclusive, regardless of language ability. We got a lot of key information needed to settle confidently into a new workplace”.

The allocation of a buddy also facilitates social integration. From the first day, and during the first few weeks after induction and taking up the job, you go from discovery to discovery, which inevitably brings its share of questions. The buddy is the referent, the guide and the support for new employees, with particular attention given to his or her needs. 

For Caroline Kalis, the new IFS Legal Manager, “The integration days were a success thanks to experienced and friendly teams. Thank you, IFS, for an excellent welcome. Let the adventures begin!”

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