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Resumption of Sustainable Development Initiatives at IFS

September, the start of the new school year and also for Sustainable Development initiatives at IFS! The objective of this academic year is to progress towards a Sustainable Development award for the school.

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Beginning of September, IFS participated in the “24h of Time” event organised by Time for the Planet. A project whose aim is to finance business start-ups that fight against global warming.

A hundred students, teachers and parents supported the initiative by running during the weekend. Team Singapore ran almost 3,000km of the 20,000km run worldwide, planting 2,000 trees. 

A 24-hour live stream was organised on social media, with an hour and a half dedicated to Singapore and, more specifically, to IFS students’ actions concerning sustainable development.

The strong participation in the race was welcomed by Mehdi Coly, one of the founders of Time for the Planet, who talked during the live conference to answer questions from our students. The 24 hours of live events are available on Facebook (Singapore live from 4:16 to 5:42).

Thanks to the IFS Sport team for coordinating this initiative.

The first upcoming project in October is the election of our IFS student eco-delegates. Students will elect one delegate per class. These students will then participate in several events and information seminars on global issues during a Sustainable Development training course. Teachers and outside consultants will guide them during the year to set up projects within the school.

The school will also launch the LIFE workshop (IFS Students Investing in the Future of our Environment) as soon as the health measures are lifted. The students are eager to take up last year’s initiatives (Earth Day, gardening, composting, etc…) and to initiate new actions.

Céline AMIAUX, Sustainable Development Referent

Sustainable development at IFS

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Sustainable Development education taught at IFS provides students with an understanding of the world’s complexities in its scientific, ethical and civic dimensions. Transdisciplinary in nature, sustainable development appears across teaching programmes. IFS students are made aware of sustainable development from Kindergarten to High School, and the eco-delegates are essential actors of sustainable development within the school.

At IFS, several concrete actions around sustainable development, biodiversity and the preservation of resources have been carried out by students from primary to secondary school.

The eco-delegates reinforce working groups related to sustainable development that already exist at IFS. These include the LIFE workshop (Lycéens Investis pour le Futur de notre Environnement) and the Sustainable Development Education option offered to high school students. 

Several projects have been completed, for example, the organisation of Earth Week, the installation of composters, the continuity of the garden and vegetation projects of the school. 

To learn more about the projects carried out, visit the L.I.F.E.workshop website.