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With its dedicated, on-site learning support structure and focus on inclusive education – it’s no wonder that the International French School (Singapore) scooped the top spot for this prestigious award!

Formal education and academia have their benefits, but it’s not one-size-fits-all, and some children may require more support than others. The Best School for Learning Support Award was all about recognising the school that went above and beyond to offer that extra in-school support to help every child reach their potential. The International French School (Singapore) (IFS) came out top with our judges for learning support. Here’s why they are worthy winners… 

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Why International French School (Singapore) won Best School for Learning Support

IFS is all about inclusive education, and it’s one of only a few French institutions overseas with a structure specifically dedicated to students with special educational needs. Its on-site learning support, Groupe d’Accompagnement et d’Inclusion (GAIN), provides an individual and customisable programme for its students, whatever their needs. The programme draws on the experience of specialised teachers who provide tailored support for students to allow them to excel in their regular classes.

And the support doesn’t stop there. The school also provides a Customised Schooling Project (PPS) framework or a Personalised Caring Program (PAP) for specific learning needs, which includes dedicated support staff who will work with students on a daily basis, tailoring a plan to their exact needs.

Expert teachers providing specialised support

IFS’ specialised teachers focus on specific age groups and can work with small groups of students who require additional support. They are experts at working with students to help develop cognitive strategies and essential skills to allow students to access and excel at learning. IFS also recognises that learning support goes beyond being a provision exclusively for students with additional learning needs. For instance, the school also has a dedicated Learning Support Specialist who works one-on-one with students who might have difficulties adapting to the school environment or are struggling to become active, engaged learners – whatever the reason might be for this. This specialist also works with gifted and talented students to maximise their potential, organising one-on-one meetings to develop a student’s desire to learn or to strengthen their self-esteem. 

Support for all ages and all needs

Beyond these programmes, IFS also has two dedicated psychologists who provide a confidential space for students and their parents from Kindergarten all the way through until Terminale (Grade 12) to discuss everything and anything. The school psychologists can assess students’ needs and provide support – be that academic concerns, right the way through to personal issues. They can also make external referrals as and when required, providing students with the support they need

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Why we love International French School (Singapore)

And it’s not just the Learning Support that makes IFS a winner in our eyes; we love that this school is all about empowering students to reach their full potential through its multilingual French curriculum. The school recognises that students need to be well-rounded to succeed in this ever-changing world and therefore provides opportunities to excel in sports and the arts, as well as academics. IFS also values diversity and is home to students from all nationalities, not just France, creating a vibrant international community for all!

Congratulations, International French School (Singapore)!

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