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The ninth edition of the IFS and AEFE Asia-Pacific photo and captions contest is open.

This competition will occur in the Asia Pacific zone in all the French schools of the zone, with the first phase of competition within the IFS community.

This year’s AEFE theme is: “Curiosities of the Street”.

The aim is to highlight the curious and original character of what you may encounter in the streets of your host country. The photographs can represent, for example, fountains, facades, painted walls, signs or street artists…

A second sustainability theme dedicated to the IFS community is also open:  “Nature Preservation”.

The idea is to focus on the Earth’s natural resources (water, soil, minerals, wildlife, forests). The protection measures that try to conserve the biodiversity that Singapore offers to ensure its presence in the future.

Who can participate?

This contest is divided into 4 categories: grade 6 & 7 – grade 8 & 9 – High school – Adults (Staff and parents). 

The IFS winning pictures from the first 3 categories (“Curiosities of the Street” themewill participate in the AEFE Asia-Pacific final in June to have a chance to win the “Asian Territories” contest.


Send in your picture by the 9th of April 2022.

How to submit?

Send your photo and your text to Candy Phan: [email protected], specifying the theme and category you are participating in.

Please scan the QR code to read the contest rules and additional information.

Let your imagination run wild!

Grab your cameras, take a walk, capture beautiful moments and send in your favourite photograph!