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IFS Launches ‘Chinese Language’ Bac Option for High School Students

For the start of the school year 2020-2021, the International French School (Singapore) is opening a new Mandarin section for the French Baccalaureate: the European or Chinese Language Section (SELO)


Following the opening of the “Mandarin Culture & Civilisation” (MCC) programme in Middle School (Collège) in September 2020, IFS is now reinforcing its Chinese linguistic and cultural educational offering to students in High School (Lycée) with the launch of this new academic pathway.

This pathway follows the recommendations of the AEFE to offer the teaching of several subjects in the chosen language and to encourage the learning of this language and the culture of the country, in this case, China: “the logic is that of a bold and controlled plurilinguism, intended to build, in the students, a competence in languages and a competence in intercultural understanding” (Source AEFE).

Students currently in 3ème (grade 9) following the Mandarin Culture & Civilisation programme or any other students with LVB (second language) Mandarin (not in International Section) with a solid background in Chinese language and culture will be able to join this programme from the start of the next school year. Admission is automatic for students coming from the MCC class. 

For other students motivated to learn Chinese and have a thorough knowledge of Chinese culture, registration and acceptance will be subjected to academic records.

Starting September 2021, for students entering Seconde (grade 10), this programme will gradually open across grade levels to be offered up to Terminale (grade 12) by 2023.

IFS’s new programme aims to prepare 21st-century citizens as true linguistic and cultural ambassadors to the Chinese world. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language globally with more than 1.5 billion people, and it is one of Singapore’s official languages, 74% of the population is of Chinese origin.

The Oriental section offers enhanced learning of Mandarin with an additional three hours of Mandarin language instruction and 1.5 hours of Non-Linguistic Discipline (DNL) per week in the History and Geography of the Chinese-Speaking World.

High School students who have fulfilled the Baccalaureate requirements will obtain the added acknowledgement, “section de langue orientale en langue chinoise” on their bac diploma.

Learn more about the section de langue orientale en langue chinoise, click on this introduction video.

To find out more about the new Mandarin Culture & Civilisation educational offering, check out Language pathways at IFS or find out more from this presentation video.

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