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The Lycee Francais re-brands as the International French School (Singapore) reflecting an ever-growing international student population

28th January 2020 – The International French School (Singapore) (IFS) launched its new name and brand identity today. Sporting a new logo, website, colour palette, vision and mission, the new name reflects the evolving nature of the school in Singapore. With growing numbers of non-French speaking students joining the school year-on-year, French education has become a serious contender and option for international education by not only French expatriates but a growing diversity of families.

Commenting on the re-branding of IFS, Mr Pierre Chanteclair, President of the Executive Committee, said, “It is an exciting time for our school. Our new vision and mission for IFS promotes the French curriculum and multilingualism to an ever increasingly diverse student population within a welcoming, inclusive and caring environment that remains accessible and affordable. In addition to these exciting developments, the school is undergoing an infrastructure expansion to accommodate the anticipated growth in students.”

The new IFS is taking into consideration the diversity of the student population in Singapore while maintaining its French culture and heritage. IFS seeks to integrate non-French speaking families through specific French language programmes while at the same time promoting the practice of English in an international context.

Principal of IFS, Mr Christian Soulard, remarked, “This is a school with a long tradition of success and a culture open to the world. For over 50 years, we have been preparing young minds for the challenges they face ahead. We have created a school experience which is inspiring and exciting to be a part of. Shaped by a French culture which blends the best of foundational knowledge with flair and creativity, we believe at IFS that diversity makes us stronger.”

Certified by the French Ministry of Education, the International French School (Singapore), operational for over 50 years, delivers a unique multilingual education for international students aged 2 to 18. IFS offers families based in Singapore access to an affordable, premium, multicultural education delivered by highly experienced teachers with a track record of academic success. A member of the world’s largest global network of international schools, the AEFE, IFS provides a unique hassle-free, transferable program to its 3,000 students and 67 nationalities.