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IFS Grade Nine Students Achieve Perfect 100% Pass Rate in Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB)

Exceptional Achievement Recognises Dedication and Excellence of the Class of 2023

We are thrilled to announce that, once again this year, our Grade 9 students at IFS have achieved a remarkable 100% pass rate in the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB). This outstanding accomplishment is a testament to their unwavering dedication and hard work throughout their middle school journey.

The results speak volumes, with an impressive breakdown of 63% of students receiving the highest distinction of “Très Bien,” 25% achieving “Bien,” and 11% earning “Assez Bien” among the 199 successful candidates.

Attaining a perfect pass rate fills the entire educational community with immense pride. It showcases the exceptional quality of education provided at IFS and highlights the unwavering commitment of both teachers and students to pursue academic excellence.

The DNB is a crucial examination that evaluates the knowledge and skills of students at the end of their Grade 9 year. Comprised of written and oral assessments across various subjects, achieving a flawless result demonstrates not only the assimilation of knowledge but also the student’s ability to manage stress and preparation effectively.

This outstanding pass rate is a testament to the collaborative efforts between teachers, students, and their families. A strong foundation of trust and mutual support is paramount for students to perform at their best and achieve their academic goals.

These exceptional results open up a world of opportunities for our Grade 9 students at IFS. The DNB represents a significant milestone in their educational journey and paves the way for their transition to high school. This prestigious diploma equips them with the confidence and skills necessary to tackle future challenges and further their academic pursuits.

Once again, we congratulate the Grade 9 students at IFS for their exceptional pass rate in the DNB. We want to express our gratitude to their parents, families, and the entire school community, who have significantly contributed to this remarkable success. A special thank you goes to our dedicated teachers, the Vie Scolaire, and all the staff members who have played a pivotal role in guiding our students towards this extraordinary achievement.