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Students in Troisième (Grade 9) of the International French School (Singapore) once again outperformed the Asia-Pacific Region and the World with 98.8% pass rate in the DNB (Diplôme National du Brevet) 2020 exams


3eme DnbSingapore, July 6th – Following the announcement of the success of the IFS #Class2020 Terminale students and their 2020 Bac results, IFS Troisième students also showed their dedication, resilience and academic prowess by performing outstandingly at the 2020 Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) exams.

The 174 students achieved a pass rate of 98.8%, with an outstanding 93.6% of students being awarded merits. 82% of students achieved the high merits of “Bien” (Good) and “Très Bien” (Very Good) with 50.8% of Troisième students performing exceptionally well and earning the distinction merit “Très Bien“.

Mr Christan Soulard, Principal of IFS, commented, “I was extremely proud of our Class of 2020 Terminale students and their Bac successes this year, and now our Troisième students have also shown their commitment and maturity achieving outstanding results for their DNB certification under difficult circumstances. It is a testament to the academic culture and solidarity fostered at IFS and the dedication and professionalism of our teaching staff that no matter the obstacles, IFS students can, and do, pull through with flying colours. Our Troisième students have taken their first steps towards achieving their academic dreams and goals, and I wish them the very best as they continue their studies in Lycée.”

The DNB exams are taken at the end of Troisième (Grade 9, age 14/15) and represent the first major test for any collège student before their passage to Lycée (High School). The Brevet crowns the end of four years of study and is an assessment of knowledge and skills acquired at the end of collège.

Due to the health situation faced globally with the COVID-19 pandemic, the written and oral tests of the 2020 Brevet were cancelled and replaced by continuous assessment in French, mathematics, history-geography and sciences. Thus, the DNB 2020 is obtained this year based on the average of the grades achieved in trimesters 1 and 2 and the common core competencies.

The DNB has been marked in 2020 on 700 points instead of 800. And the points scale for the awarding of merits was revised. (Merit Assez Bien: between 420 & 489 points / Merit Bien: between 490 & 559 points / Merit Très Bien: 560 points & over). To be awarded the collège certificate students must have at least 350 points.

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