Health, Well-being and Safety

The International French School (Singapore) features a Health, Security and Safety Department which goal is to guarantee an optimal safety and to look after the health of all the students and staff.


The aim of the Health Services is to promote the good health of the students, their well-being and their proper integration in school. However, it is not a replacement for a doctor nor parents’ responsibilities.

The missions:

  • To take care of the students and to provide them with first aid care on a daily basis. If necessary, nurses can administer basic medication authorised by the school, as well as prescribed medical treatments;
  • To assess the health of the students and screen for diseases;
  • As part of the ECHC and in coordination with the educational team, organise and facilitate education programs and preventive actions (food hygiene, sleep, addictive behaviours,…) ;
  • To offer a space to meet and listen where students can confidentially exchange with the nurse.

The school has fully equipped infirmaries in the Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary campuses, staffed by nurses, which are open during school and after school hours.

In the event that a child feels unwell, he or she will be taken care of by the nurses who also quickly inform the parents or guardian.

When a student goes to the infirmary and has to go home, the parents or guardian will be contacted and will have to collect the student from the infirmary (the student cannot leave the infirmary alone). The guardian will need to sign a discharge document.

For more information or to contact one of our school infirmaries, please click here.

Note regarding vaccination requirements:
A new vaccination schedule in Singapore has been in effect since 1 November 2020.

  • The Singapore Ministry of Health strongly encourages students to follow this new vaccination schedule. click here
  • New recommendations include vaccination against chickenpox and influenza.
  • The new vaccines are highly recommended but not mandatory.

For further details on the vaccination requirements please visit the NIR (National Immunisation Registry) website.

Covid-19 vaccination requirement:

  • Unvaccinated pass holders who are 12 years old to below 18 years old on date of entry will need to get their first vaccination in Singapore using a PSAR-approved vaccine within 1 month of arrival. They must complete the full vaccination regime within 2 months of arrival.

For more information please visit the ICA website .


The International French School (Singapore) relies on strict procedures, prescribed by the French and Singaporean authorities to control access.

A security company is present on site 24/24, 7/7. The site is equipped with video surveillance cameras (CCTV) only for internal use.

Opening hours of the school

  • For students and parents : from 7:30am to 8:30pm – closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
  • For visitors : the Reception is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and from 9:00am to 4:00pm during school holidays.

Please note : the International French School (Singapore) is closed from 24 December to 2 January and from 15 July to 15 August

Access Control

  • For Primary students (Kindergarten and Elementary) : the uniform is mandatory
  • For Middle and High School students and parents : they must show their “IFS Identity Card”
  • For visitors : they must present a photo ID

For more information on IFS Identity Cards, please refer to the security tab below.


IFS takes all the necessary measures to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Risk assessment on daily basis, implementation of preventive or corrective actions.
Examples : periodic control of air quality, water quality of the facilities and the equipment.

Preparation for the management of emergency and exceptional situations

  • Fire management, containment and barricaded containment management : 2 to 3 drills per year that can be unannounced.
  • The Special Safety Plan for major risks (PPMS): one containment or barricaded containment drill per year. In case of emergency, the parents will be informed about the procedure to follow by SMS.
  • The HAZE protocol : a specific protocol is in place – to download at the bottom of the page.
  • The lightning alert : sound and visual alarms will go off when lightning is striking nearby.

Infirmary Contact Information

Kindergarten Infirmary
Telephone : +65 6805 0058
Email : [email protected]
Elementary Infirmary
Telephone : +65 6805 0160
Email : [email protected]
Middle and High School Infirmary
Telephone : +65 6805 0065
Email : [email protected]

School Psychologist

School psychologists are available Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 5:45 pm. They welcome students, parents and teachers; they provide a space for listening and support. They also offer psychological monitoring for students with difficulty. If need be, they may refer families to professionals outside the school.

Elementary School Psychologist
Telephone : +65 6805 0113
Email : [email protected]
Secondary School Psychologist
Telephone : +65 6805 0109
Email : [email protected]

Food allergies: nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts and other kinds) and foods containing them are not allowed at the IFS, due to a high risk of allergies.

For birthday celebrations, only industrial cakes are accepted, the list of ingredients must appear on the packaging. However, during this period of health restrictions related to Coivid-19, no birthday snacks are allowed.

In addition, in order to promote a balanced diet, we recommend limiting the consumption of sweets, sugary drinks and crisps and not bringing them to school.

Important information

Punctual Treatments Pursuant to the internal rules of IFS, students are not allowed to carry medication. In case of necessity, the medication can be left at the infirmary (by an adult for Kindergarten children), accompanied by a medical prescription, where the nurses will administer it.
Chronic Diseases Students with long term chronic diseases (asthma, allergies, specific diet) will have to set up an IP (Individualised Protocol). This procedure is done directly via the EDUKA portal, on the “health” tab.
Contagious Diseases The Health Department must be notified as soon as possible when a child contracts a contagious disease. The child will only be allowed to return to class with a medical certificate of non-contagion.
Head lice The spread of lice is a common problem in the community. It is therefore strongly advised to regularly check the head of your children and to anticipate the purchase of anti-lice shampoo and comb.
Mandatory Vaccinations The mandatory vaccinations in Singapore and in France are the DPT (Diphteria, Pertussis, Tetanus,) and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). No vaccination is administered at the school.

To get an IFS Identity Card

For Middle and High School students :

  • The card is valid for the duration of the Middle School or High School cycle, it is given in 6ème (grade 6) for Middle School and 2nde (grade 10) for High School.
  • In case of loss, requests must be made to the Vie Scolaire.

For the parents and authorised persons :

  • The ID is given to them at the beginning of the school year or when the child starts school.
  • In case of loss or change of personal details in EDUKA, requests must be made at the Reception.

Here are some photo examples :