A balanced and healthy meal everyday!

Our partnership with Chartwells, (part of the Compass Group, the world’s largest catering food specialist) provides our students with healthy meal options and great tasting food that help build strong bodies, sharp minds and establishing the foundation for a long, healthier life. Their team of passionate chefs and qualified dieticians work closely with the school’s management, nurses and parent committee to create menus that are tasty, fun and nutritious.

At IFS, a morning snack and lunch are included in the canteen fees of the Kindergarten and Elementary School students.*

In the Middle School canteen, students can choose between a Western and an Asian menu at the self-service counter. They can also opt for an appetizer and a soup.

The lunch menus include:

  • a starter ;
  • a dish with proteins (meat, fish) ;
  • a side dish (vegetables and carbohydrates);
  • a dessert (dairy, pastry, etc…) and a fruit.

To find out more information about our students’ monthly menus and our catering partner, Chartwells please click here

Here are the results of the latest June 2022 survey conducted by our provider Chartwells: click here.

A balanced diet is the key to being fit and healthy, it is above all about encouraging students to eat and taste a bit of everything. Don’t to forget to hydrate, particularly in tropical countries.

* Except on Fridays when only a morning snack is provided to Elementary School students.


The choice (*) applies for a minimum of one term, and any changes will have to be requested exclusively from Eduka. This has to be done before the beginning of the following term: before August 31 for a change at the beginning of the school year (first term), before December 31 for a change at the beginning of January (second term), and before March 31 for a change on April 1 (third term).

You just need to follow the steps below:

1 – go to the section “Student and parent information”,
2 – click on the photo of your child concerned to reach the Student record,
3 – choose the tab “Student”,
4 – go to the bottom of the screen in the “Lunch Option” section
5 – select “yes” to the question “Change the lunch option for next term?”

Please click here to access the rules and regulations for the lunchbox. A FAQ is also available: click here.

For lunchboxes for medical reasons, please contact our nurses (click here).

(*): not applicable for High School

Contact us through the Parent Support Department by telephone at +65 6805 0022 or by email at [email protected] for more information.

Student ID Cards for the cafeteria

The student ID card for your child(ren) in Collège (Middle School) or Lycée (High School)  is activated* for the different catering outlets (Chartwells).

You will be able to top-up this card online (click here). It is also possible to top-up the card at the counter or to pay in cash.

Note : If you have several children in Collège (Middle School) and/or Lycée (High School), the amount will be shared amongst all your children. However, you will be able to monitor the transactions at child level.

For online card top-up :

Use the email address of Guardian 1 (G1) in Eduka, then enter your password. If this is your first login or if you have forgotten the password, click on “Get your password”.

(*): by early September for the new cards

Contact us through the Parent Support Department by telephone number +65 6805 0022 or by email at [email protected] for more information.