Parent Committee

A team of 12 members representing the parents within International French School (Singapore).

Composition of the Parent Committee

Maternelle (Kindergarten) Aude LE CHATELIER
Elémentaire (Elementary) Anne-Charlotte TASSIN
Samantha THASSIM
Suppléants pour le Primaire
(Reserve members for Primary School)
Secondaire, Collège
(Middle School)
Christophe CHAU
Secondaire, Lycée
(High School)
Marilisa BUSATTA
Suppléants pour le Secondaire
(Reserve members for Secondary School)
Jean-Jacques VESPERINI (Collège)
Claude TEMPE (Lycée)

A single email address to contact them : [email protected]

The role of the Parent Committee

  • Representing the parents of IFS.
  • Collecting information and acting as relay between the management and the parents.
  • Coordinating the actions of parent class representatives.
  • Managing regular or ad hoc projects (book fair, school celebration day – “fête de l’école”…)
  • Taking part in the strategic orientations and pedagogical decisions of the school.
  • Financially supporting the families in need and that receive scholarships with the proceeds from the school celebration day (aid scheme for payment of ECA and SAS, excursions not funded by the school, and exceptional aid).

How does the Parent Committee work ?

With the parent class representatives

  • To organise start of school meetings for the parent class representatives
  • To organise preparatory meetings of the Primary School Committee and the Secondary School Committee (SSC)
  • To provide support to the representatives in case of problems in their classes.

With the management

  • Seating on the 3 Primary School Committees and on the 3 Secondary School Committees.
  • Seating on the Educational Committee.
  • Attending monthly meetings with the educational leadership.

Other actions

  • To attend meetings with the teaching inspectors and the AEFE representatives.
  • To be involved in task forces initiated by the management (school pace, language program…).
  • To be involved with the Health and Citizenship Education Committee (HCEC), the Student Council (CC), the Disciplinary Committee and the Appeals Committee.
  • To help and advise families.

How to join the Parent Committee ?

In October/November, nine parent representatives (six members and three reserve members) are elected by electronic voting. The President of the Executive Committee then ratifies their election during the Ordinary General Meeting.

This team of parents make up the Parent Committee.

Who can be elected to the Parent Committee ?

Anyone who is a parent class representative, but not a Director or staff member of the school, is eligible. For the Primary cycle, it is preferable that the candidate be an elected member of the School Committee.

The candidate should stand for election in the cycle in which he/she is currently serving as parent class representative. To stand for election, the candidate shall respond to a call for applications that includes his/her statement, his application will be sent by mail to all the families at the start of the year.