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The New French Baccalaureat

The 2020-2021 school year marked a new era with the French Baccalaureat as the old exam with sections “S” (Sciences), “L” (Literature) and “ES” (Economics and Social studies) is replaced with a new customised approach with “speciality courses” that allow students to “mix and match”.

IFS students will study common core subjects such as French Literature and Philosophy (French Literature in Première and Philosophy in Terminale), Civic and Moral Education, History and Geography, Science, modern language A (LVA) (English), modern language B (LVB) (choice of Spanish, German and Mandarin) and PE/Sports and will be able to customise their curriculum among the 8 speciality courses that are offered at the school.

You can find here a summary of all the specialties.

In 1ère, students are to choose three speciality subjects, one of which will be dropped at the end of the year.

Students in 1ère will also take exams that are part of the continuous assessments (contrôle continu) as well as the early examinations in French. In Terminale, they will again take part in continuous assessments before the final examinations in June.

For a complete description of the new baccalaureate, refer to the documents below.

The “Option International” of the Baccalaureat – British Section, ending 2023 exam session

The OIB is the general French Baccalaureat diploma where it is added « Option Internationale » and the language section in which the student is enrolled. It is a specific feature of the French Baccalaureat that lays more emphasis on knowing the culture and language of the partner country.

The OIB is made of mandatory core examinations that correspond to each stream, except for the written and oral examinations in modern Languages A (LVA) which is English at IFS, and History-Geography.

These examinations are replaced by two specific examinations: Languages and Literature and History-Geography, with each having an oral and a written section. These specific examinations are done in the language of the chosen section and have a different weight that can make up between 32% and 37% of the final grade of the Baccalaureat, depending on the stream.


French International Baccalaureate (BFI) – from 2022-2023

From the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, the International Baccalaureate Option (OIB) evolves and becomes the French International Baccalaureate (BFI).

Students in Première (grade 11) of the general stream who pursue this programme prepare during their final two years of school. This new international option is assessed from the 2024 exam session of the baccalaureate.

For more information about Assessment in IFS, click here.

The Baccalaureat Reform – 2021

Discover all the information about the new Baccalaureat by clicking here


For a complete description of the new baccalaureate, refer to the documents below.

Students and their families are invited to familiarize themselves with the official resources regarding the reform of the baccalaureate. (in French)

In case of exemption, you must provide the Office of Examinations with an official medical certificate.