IFS Strategic Plan 2023-2028 Takes Shape

Friday, 02 December 2022

Work continues with the IFS community coming together to address key themes that will drive the school towards 2025 and beyond.


Img 8088December 2nd, 2022 – Today, over 400 IFS staff, students and parents met in 35 workshop sessions to work on the general objectives and educational axes for the school’s next strategic plan. This plan will bridge the current landscape of our school and will determine the directions to take for the future.

The school’s strategic plan is a document that outlines the long-term goals and objectives, as well as how IFS plans to achieve them over the next five years. The plan typically includes information about the school’s mission and vision, resources organisation, performance goals, and initiatives to reach those goals.

Last spring, the school began evaluating the previous school’s strategic plan to draw up an assessment and an inventory based on seven major themes. Today we reflected on and discussed nine critical themes within the school. 

  • Student’s school motivation and wellbeing
  • Img 8085Internationalisation and openness to the world
  • Pedagogical integration of technologies
  • Environmental & sustainable education
  • Inclusion of students with special needs
  • Professional development
  • Innovative and effective pedagogical practices
  • School organisation and rhythm
  • Academic pathways and language offer

David Binan, Principal of IFS, addressed staff by saying, “Today, December 2nd, is a significant day in the history of France, and this Friday, we have made it a very important day in the history of the International French School (Singapore). It is now up to the leadership team and myself to synthesise all this work you have done and materialise a final guiding plan.”