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All IFS students have the opportunity to participate in the Aquathlon organised by the EPS team which will take place at the IFS AMK 3000 swimming pool on Saturday, 25 November from 7:30 am to 1 pm (depending on the category).

Categories and race distances

Born in 2013-2014: 200m swim and 1000m run
Born in 2011-2012: 300m swim and 2000m run
Born in 2010-2009: 400m swim and 2000m run
Born in 2008-2006: 600m swim and 3000m run

To bring on the day of the event:
Swimsuit, a pair of goggles, a towel, a pair of socks, a pair of running shoes, a water bottle and shorts (optional)

For further information, please contact

–  Mr Emmanuel de Buchère: [email protected]
– Mme Aliona Roiret-Bourcey: [email protected]The deadline for registration for the aquathlon is Wednesday, 15 November