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Every year, in September, we have the pleasure to welcome more than 600 new students from Kindergarten to High School into IFS.
Our multicultural and multilingual student community represents and celebrates our motto, to “Open Your Mind.”
Our school offers a French curriculum in a multicultural environment.


To start your application, please follow these simple steps:

apply to IFS


Set up an application on EDUKA, the enrolment portal:
Once you have submitted* your application** and paid the application fee, you will receive a form, (from the pedagogical team). This will enable you to choose the section (language pathways) and other options for Secondary.


Payment of the registration fees and School Fees Advance (SFA): Once the application is submitted and processed by the Admissions department, our Finance department will issue the registration fees and SFA invoice to the identified payer, (parents or company).


Admissions committee: Admissions committees will be held every month***. Only applications for which payment has been received 7 days prior the committee date at the latest will be considered.


Confirmation of enrolment: Following the admissions committee, the placement of your child will be confirmed by email and additional documents will be requested from you.

For more information, please contact the Admissions at [email protected]

Applications for admission for the 2023-2024 school year are still open. Please visit our Eduka portal to start your application.

* Please note payment of the application fee confirms your wish to enrol your child in our school but does not guarantee a seat.
  • IFS reserves the right to reject an application after review or to put students on the waiting list when maximal capacity has been reached.
** Supporting documents to be uploaded with the online application
  • School transcripts of the previous two academic years and of the current academic year if applicable
  • School attendance certificate
  • Copy of the parents’ passport and of the child who is enrolling
  • Full copy of the family booklet or of the birth certificate for non-French families
  • Copy of the child’s vaccination record
***Admissions committee dates for an intended entry in the academic year 2024-2025 


Children coming from a school accredited by the French Ministry of Education (including AEFE)

Students are considered on the basis of their previous school records.

Children coming from a non-French school system or French school system out of ministerial agreement

From 6 years old, (entry into CP – Grade 1), students coming from another school system or an out-of-agreement private French school must undergo an assessment upon their arrival. This is to ensure that the student will not struggle in their age group.

French language requirement

We welcome non-French speaking children up to 12 years old. From 6 years old, students who don’t master the French language must undergo an assessment to validate their application. For more information, please contact us at: [email protected]

Singapore residency requirements

Students joining IFS must possess one of the following documents/visas before they commence schooling:

  • Dependent Pass (DP), Permanent Resident (PR), Student Pass (STP), or have an IPA (In-Principle Approval);
  • Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) approval letter for Singaporean children or Singaporean children with dual citizenship (at least one of the two parents is of Singaporean nationality)

In accordance with Singaporean law, any child 6 years and above is required to get approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) to join an international school. IFS will obtain the correct approvals from the MOE before confirming the enrolment.

A tourist visa does NOT allow a student to be enrolled or commence schooling.

Note regarding vaccination requirements:
A new vaccination schedule in Singapore has been in effect since 1 November 2020.

  • The Singapore Ministry of Health strongly encourages students to follow this new vaccination schedule. click here
  • New recommendations include vaccination against chickenpox and influenza.
  • The new vaccines are highly recommended but not mandatory.

For further details on the vaccination requirements, please visit the NIR (National Immunisation Registry) website.

Covid-19 vaccination requirement:

  • Unvaccinated pass holders who are 13 years old to below 18 years old on date of entry will need to get their first vaccination in Singapore using a PSAR-approved vaccine within 1 month of arrival. They must complete the full vaccination regime within 2 months of arrival.

For more information please visit the ICA website .

The Admissions department is here to answer your questions: [email protected]


Year of birthClass (French system)Singaporean EquivalentUS EquivalentUK Equivalent
2018GSK2KindergartenYear 1
2017CPPrimary 1Grade 1Year 2
2016CE1Primary 2Grade 2Year 3
2015CE2Primary 3Grade 3Year 4
2014CM1Primary 4Grade 4Year 5
2013CM2Primary 5Grade 5Year 6
20126ePrimary 6Grade 6Year 7
20115eSecondary 1Grade 7Year 8
20104eSecondary 2Grade 8Year 9
20093eSecondary 3Grade 9Year 10
20082ndeSecondary 4Grade 10Year 11
20071èreSecondary 5Grade 11Year 12
2006TerminalePre-university 1Grade 12Year 13


Year of birthClass (French system)Singaporean EquivalentUS EquivalentUK Equivalent
2019GSK2KindergartenYear 1
2018CPPrimary 1Grade 1Year 2
2017CE1Primary 2Grade 2Year 3
2016CE2Primary 3Grade 3Year 4
2015CM1Primary 4Grade 4Year 5
2014CM2Primary 5Grade 5Year 6
20136ePrimary 6Grade 6Year 7
20125eSecondary 1Grade 7Year 8
20114eSecondary 2Grade 8Year 9
20103eSecondary 3Grade 9Year 10
20092ndeSecondary 4Grade 10Year 11
20081èreSecondary 5Grade 11Year 12
2007TerminalePre-university 1Grade 12Year 13