GIRO Procedure

How do I set up my GIRO?

The setup of a GIRO takes time.

The validation depends on the banks and usually requires an average of 3 to 5 weeks.

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Why GIRO at IFS?
What is GIRO?

GIRO (General Interbank Recurring Order) is an automatic secured direct debit payment method between the banks.


GIRO is COMPULSORY for all students for the payment of all MISCELLANEOUS FEES and OPTIONAL for all the OTHER FEES. This decision of the Executive Council aims to facilitate administrative processing and cope with the volume of transactions.

WITHOUT GIRO you will not be able to register for ECAs and holiday camps in Eduka.

If you are a new parent:

  • You can still register for ECAs and holiday camps in the Eduka portal
  • BUT
  • You have to start your GIRO application as soon as possible.
    (For new arrivals: You can start your application once you have your local bank account set up.)

Misc & Other Fees